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I'm Chloë! 

Well good grief, "about me" pages are quite awkward, aren't they? Let's do this. 

I'm a somewhat recent blonde, and a lover of all-black everything. I love designer handbags more than I should, and have a serious weakness for Zara shoes. 

I love to blog and vlog about beauty and fashion mainly, but am slowly branching out into fitness, food, lifestyle... but when it comes down to it, this may just be a blog all about shopping. 

Some frequently asked questions...

Where do I live?

I live in Ottawa, Canada. 

What's my skin type?

Combination/oily, acne-prone, sensitive, sometimes dehydrated. The works, basically. It's the best. 


I'm a natural dark brunette, but am bleached to a platinum blonde and toned greyish/cool blonde. I go to a Redken salon, so they get me to at least to a level 9 then tone with 9V. Lately I've been going for a shadow root, so instead of bleaching my regrowth up to the scalp, my colourist scatters highlights throughout the brown. 

Where did I get xyz item of clothing?

If it's on Instagram, I usually tag my entire outfit! I'm also working on getting a page on my blog up and running that contains all of that info for the outfits I post to social media. Stay tuned.
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