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I'm Chloë! 

I've been blogging in various forms for almost 10 years now, and love the creative outlet it provides (though I'm largely just an instagram person right now - stay tuned :)) 

I'm a somewhat recent blonde, and a lover of all neutrals. I love designer handbags more than I should, and have a serious weakness for Zara shoes. I also love DIYs and home decor, and know how to wield a power tool or two. 

Some frequently asked questions...

Where do I live?

I live in Ottawa, Canada. 

What's my skin type?

Combination/oily, acne-prone, sensitive, sometimes dehydrated. The works, basically. It's the best. 


I'm a natural medium brunette, but decided to go blonde a few years ago. I've dabbled in the grey-blonde and pink sides of things, but am currently rocking your run-of-the-mill light blonde babylights and am loving it. 

Where did I get xyz item of clothing?

If it's on Instagram, I usually tag my entire outfit! Otherwise, just ask. 
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