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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Vintage Luxury + eBay Tips // SHOPPING

I've been pretty lucky lately with my eBay finds. Every so often I get into a bit of a "bidding" mood and I think what I've ended up with in the past couple of months has been A-1. I have to admit eBay can be a bit tricky, so I'll also be sharing some tips on how to navigate, inspired by a recent post by my friend Natalie

The first bag I went after was the Louis Vuitton Montsouris GM. This one took a while to come to fruition, since I spent a while trying to decide whether I wanted the MM or the GM, and another long while trying to decide what kind of condition I was willing to pay for.

I ultimately came across this vintage one from 1995, with a small tear in the vachetta leather and some water stains on the base, but otherwise in great shape. I ended up getting it for $300, and getting the tear repaired for $5 at the local cobbler. I'm thrilled with it, to be honest. It fits everything I need and looks so chic. 

Louis vuitton LV ebay vintage montsouris backpack ootd

Louis vuitton LV ebay vintage montsouris backpack ootd

I love that this backpack is so versatile. I'm not usually a monogram fan but for some reason the print on a backpack just "works" for me. 

Now for the "piece de resistance"... a vintage Chanel Jumbo XL. This has been my dream bag for years now, and I had honestly resigned myself to the fact that it would never be mine. Fast forward to a month ago and I was seeing some on eBay auctions for prices I was willing to pay. So, off I went down the authenticity research rabbit hole and eventually started bidding. 

This beauty circa 1994 is my prize.

Chanel jumbo XL ebay ootd

Chanel jumbo XL ebay ootd

It's in great shape, with the only issue being that some of the serial number is rubbed off. I can see it starts with 29 and a couple other numbers, but the sticker itself is intact, which is key. 

So based on my recent luck, I want to share some of my tips for eBay:

1) Do your research. Look at as many listings as you can so you can figure out what kinds of bags in all types of conditions typically sell for. Hit the "watch" button on some of the auctions so you can follow it and see how crazy the bidding gets. Look at all the pictures, read the descriptions carefully.

2) Decide what kind of condition you can live with, and decide on a maximum price you're willing to pay (with a bit of wiggle room - I once lost an auction by $20). The frenzy of the auction can turn into more of a desire to win instead of the actual purpose of buying the item. Some condition issues can be repaired, some can't. Remember, there will always be another one!

3) Don't bid right away. There can be an urge to place a bid right away, but that can drive the price up too far too quickly. The key time of any auction is the last 5 minutes or so. Watch carefully what others are doing, and in the last 20 seconds or so, have your maximum bid ready to go (try to stay away from nice round numbers, like $1200, since people gravitate towards those when deciding their maximum bid). Hit submit with about 5 seconds to go. You do run the risk of losing out by $20, but it's also another good way of not getting caught up in the moment and spending more than you had planned. 

4) Look at Japanese sellers. It's not foolproof, but Japan has very strict counterfeiting laws, so reputable Japanese sellers (look at their feedback) are generally safe bets. PayPal and eBay have pretty good protections for buyers, so if you are unsure about authenticity, you can get it looked at after the fact. I purchased my LV backpack from Yuko0702 and my Chanel from Boom2Hanten.

5) If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. This applies more to the "buy it now" part of eBay, but most sellers running auctions usually have a "reserve" price that needs to be met in order for the purchase to go through. Carefully check the listing and pictures - make sure they all look like they're from the same bag, on the same background. Pictures can be stolen easily. If something seems off, try a reverse Google image search. 

Happy shopping!

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