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Monday, August 24, 2015

Zara Tie-Up Leather Ballerinas | Shoe Review

It took me three tries to get these from Zara - three times, I signed up for the "notify me when available" option when these were inevitably sold out. Twice, they sold out again in mere hours. Third time really is a charm, I suppose. 

Zara nude tie up leather ballerina flats, Aquazzura Christy dupes.

There are both pros and cons to these beauties, and I thought I'd share in the event that you happen to be stalking these online (as I did). You can find them here, by the way.

  • They're true to size. I'm always a 39 at Zara, and these were no different.
  • The price is right, for leather, at $70 CDN. The leather is lovely, and makes the shoe conform better to your foot (which is definitely a plus in such close-fitting shoes). 
  • They're adorable on, and so covetable right now. I've had so many people stop me to ask where my shoes are from!
  • Lovely dupes of the Aquazzura Christy flats. 
  • Ouch. I'm not sure if it's just me, but these did a lot of rubbing and blistering my first few wears. Even after slathering the insides with Vaseline (as usual), I came away with both a bloody toe and a rubbed raw toe. I also experienced rubbing on the back of my ankle. Every time I wear them is an improvement, but my lesson here is to make sure you've worn these in a bit before relying on them for an extended period of time.
  • The leather is a tad delicate. I scuffed both toes on my first outing, and it's not as though I'm new to the pointy toe flat circus. I was able to glue the scuffed part of the leather back on, but the toes just don't look the same now.
  • Only available in this nude colour at Zara. There's another lace up option, but it's not this exact style. I've been trying to acquire the Topshop version of these for a while now - in either black or snakeskin, I'm not picky - because nude isn't exactly my go-to when it comes to shoes. But I'm making do, obviously. 
  • They're confusing to tie. Do I want a weird bow at the front or the back? Which way do I wrap the cord around my ankle? One of life's dilemmas. 
Zara nude tie up leather ballerina flats, Aquazzura Christy dupes.

Zara nude tie up leather ballerina flats, Aquazzura Christy dupes.

Zara nude tie up leather ballerina flats, Aquazzura Christy dupes.

Pros and cons considered, these shoes are still cute as hell and I highly recommend giving them a try if you're able to. Fingers crossed I can get my hands on the Topshop ones - we're getting a Topshop here in Ottawa in October, so I'm hoping they will still be stocked then. I'm a bit wary of ordering them online from the Topshop website (and they're not available at all on The Bay's online shop!) as it's all in Pounds Sterling, and the shipping is a bit of a bomb too. #CanadianProblems, you feel me?

xo Chloë


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