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Sunday, March 1, 2015

LUSH Shopping + Thoughts

I uploaded a video to this effect on my YouTube channel last week, but I don't even pretend to delude myself that all of you wonderful people subscribe to me there too so I thought I would blog my LUSH haul for good measure :) My lovely friend Suzy gave me a $50 gift card to LUSH for Christmas and after much hemming and hawing (and list-making, because it's easy to get overwhelmed in there!) I came up with what I think is an excellent haul. 

LUSH haul ft. Ultrabalm, Tea Tree Water, Shine So Bright, and Karma Solid Perfume

On a related note - and this is very relevant - LUSH is now located inside the Rideau Centre in Ottawa. No more missions outside to William St. in -30C weather. This will increase my LUSH purchases exponentially, I am sure. 

This haul is full of things I have never bought before, some that I had never even considered or knew existed. I researched extensively on LUSH.ca and kept a price tally to keep myself in check... and ended up with $50.60 worth of goodies. Pretty impressive, eh? So far my hands-down favourite has been the Ultrabalm ($13.95). It comes with me everywhere and can solve almost any skin problem. It's essentially a pot of grease, but for some reason is a total miracle-worker. 

Karma solid perfume ($10.95) has been something I've had my eye on for a while. I have always liked the scent (patchouli and other incense-type scents) so I thought it was time to have a handy solid version to throw in my purse. It's a cute little tin and is very easy to apply. 

I'm still considering the pros and cons of the other two items. I'm not "on the fence" per se, but I'm still a bit unsure. Shine So Bright ($9.95) smells great and seems to smooth my baby-bangs and cowlicks pretty well. I'm not so sure how well it works on my fried ends, but I've recently had a trim so perhaps its merits will become more apparent now that my hair isn't a complete disaster. As for the Tea Tree Water ($9.95) I just haven't really noticed a difference since I've been using it. I recently tried a sample of the new NARS foundation which seemed to - to put it plainly - eff up all my shit. So perhaps once I'm done cleaning up that mess I will notice the toner a bit more. It certainly is refreshing to use, I will say that :) 

What are some of your favourite LUSH products? Keep in mind I am strictly anti-bath, so raves about bath bombs and fizzy things will go in one ear and come right out the other side ;)

xo Chloë

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