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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lunch & Haircut | In The Wild

Blog series are fun, right? Not that this is going to be a serious thing, but I thought I would give an "out and about" type post series a try. I really enjoy reading what some of my favourite bloggers have been up to outside the narrow confines of the beauty and fashion world, so here I am to throw my hat into the ring with "In The Wild". Not totally sold on this title, but I think it's cheeky enough for a little try. 

This past Saturday I finally (finally!) got a much-needed trim at my hair salon. My ends were totally fried and rather unsightly, so off they came. I swear I could hear my hair sigh in relief as the clippings hit the floor. I'm in the process of growing my hair out to all one length, and my stylist thinks by my next appointment I'll be there - fingers crossed! Now if only my bangs would hurry up and grow!

Mirror selfie of my haircut/trim showing my stick straight blowout!

Getting our hair done together is a little outing for my mom and me. She gets her foils, I get a trim and suppress sudden and intense urges to go blonde... You know how it goes. Afterward we make a day of it, go out for lunch and maybe do a bit of shopping. My mother is my #1 enabler when it comes to shopping, so now you all know where I get it from.

Delicious lunch from The Masonry in Perth, ON

Lunch was enormous and entirely too much food, but was also incredibly delicious. Handmade linguine, fresh tomatoes and arugula, all in a beer-based cream sauce. It was perhaps a bit too rich for lunch, but the slight bitterness the beer brought to the sauce was something I had never tasted before and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Having a delicious lunch at The Masonry in Perth, after a lovely time at the hair salon

Honestly, I have never had a bad meal at this place - The Masonry in Perth - and it's a charming little spot. Original brick walls, creaky floorboards, lovely service... and wonderful food, of course! 

To walk off our enormous food-babies, we stopped at the Tanger Outlets for a bit of a shop. Shockingly enough, I came away with nothing! There were some lovely spring items in at the Coach Factory, and I came very close to buying a wine-coloured Borough bag, but the imminent restocking of the Mansur Gavriel bucket bags have put all major handbag purchases on hold for me. Priorities, amirite? 

Hope you're all having a great week! I'm thrilled that it's already March (my gosh, how Canadian is that?) so springtime is not that far off. Until then, I'm dreaming of tulips and sunshine... 

xo Chloë

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