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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Snooping my aunt's MAC stash + Candy Yum Yum

Over (Canadian) Thanksgiving, we visited with family out of town, and I came to discover that my lovely aunt has nearly as many MAC lipsticks as I do. What a revelation. Even better, she has a literal handful of BITE lipsticks too, but I didn't want to get too snoopy, so I left those alone. She tends to go for brights in terms of lipstick, so I was quite surprised to find a couple of well-used "neutral" shades in her MAC mix... but my goodness the brightness of these brights sure compensate for those nudes! 

My aunt's MAC stash: Violetta; Girl About Town; MAC Red; Candy Yum Yum; Viva Glam Nicki; Heroine; O; Lovin' It; Soulfully Rich

The lipsticks from left to right: Name is rubbed off but is an Amplified finish, so it could be Violetta; Girl About Town; MAC Red; Candy Yum Yum; Viva Glam Nicki; Heroine; O; Lovin' It; Soulfully Rich.

Lipglasses: Full Speed Ahead; Lasting Achievement 

I think it goes without saying that this MAC lipstick collection is solid proof that my aunt is the coolest. Rocking Candy Yum Yum, Heroine, and Girl About Town? I certainly don't have the confidence for that on a regular basis, which she seems to do without a second thought. I did take the opportunity to try out the much-hyped Candy Yum Yum, though. When this was released, then re-released, you couldn't go anywhere on the beauty-Internet without hearing about it. Obviously I was always intrigued, but had a gut feeling that it wouldn't work for me. So, I carefully applied the almost blindingly bright colour to my lips, and the results were exactly as I expected: hilariously awful. 

Trying out MAC's Candy Yum Yum on my pale skin

It is neon pink and matte, and looks... not so good... on my pale skin. Also, any lip imperfections get their turn in the spotlight. Nice. It was fun to be able to try it out though - my curiosity was satisfied but I was able to keep my money in my pocket. I feel like this lipstick is further proof that I am indeed a nude lips kind of girl. I've recently picked up some new and much-hyped in the blogosphere lipsticks that are more my type, so be sure to keep an eye out for posts on those :) Some new outfit posts are finally on the way as well. I had been doing so well for a while there, then kind of fell off the wagon. Hopefully I can get some more done before the snow comes!

xo Chloë

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