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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What's In My Overnight Makeup Bag?

Packing my toiletries for a trip always manages to stress me out, no matter how long the trip. I usually end up taking the same amount of stuff (with a few variations), whether the trip is 2 days or 2 weeks, but actually deciding what to take always gives me pause. Will I actually bother with a full makeup look on this trip? Do I really need a full-sized eyeshadow palette? The answer to questions like that usually ends up being a big "no" - but I still want to look presentable and feel good... so what's a girl to do?

Skincare is key for me; I pack all of my essentials and leave nothing behind. My cleansers, creams and serums take up most of the space allotted to beauty and grooming, which is fine by me! My morning cleanser, my evening cleansers (yes, two different cleansers!), my morning serum, my evening serum, my moisturizers, my sunscreen... you feel me? All critically important. 

As for makeup, multipurpose is key, as are products that don't require extra tools i.e. Benefit's Benetint and RSVP cream eyeshadow. This was a very short trip, so I went for minimalism this time and only brought a primer, concealer, and powder... and crossed my fingers that my acne situation wouldn't get too out of hand. This was also the first true test of my Sephora travel brush kit. It comes to work with me every day, but this was the first time where it has been all I have

I ended up using everything I brought, which is pretty rare for me to be honest. Everything had a purpose and I didn't bring anything frivolous like 3 different blushes and 4 different lipsticks. It all made sense, and I'm still feeling pretty great about it. Well done self - this is what shopping your stash is all about. In case you weren't aware, I'm on a month-long no-buy for August. No makeup, no clothing, no accessories. Nothing. It has been a bit of a struggle but I think I'm going to feel great about my accomplishment come September 1st, and who knows, I may have re-discovered a bunch of gems in my collection by then!

How are you at packing for travel? I'd love to hear some of your tricks to avoid over-packing, as I'm not so sure I'm out of the woods on that problem quite yet. Who knows, this could have been a total fluke!

xo Chloë

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