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Sunday, July 13, 2014

On Warby Parker and Some Spectacular Spectacles

The following, my dear readers, is a story about love at first sight, perseverance, and the satisfaction of ultimately getting what you want. Meaning, it finally happened. I got new glasses. And not just any glasses; I got large, "hipster-esque" glasses from Warby Parker, a company whom I now love rather unconditionally and obsessively... 

In case you don't recall, I fell in love with a certain pair way back in December... the Mallory. Except, my hopes were dashed when I learned that a valid eyeglasses prescription was required to order glasses from Warby Parker. Mine had expired. Harumph. Needless to say, eye exams are expensive and extremely easy to put off... so I only just got around to getting one. And that same evening, I rushed home and ordered my Mallorys. 

Warby Parker Mallory glasses in Gimlet Tortoise

It was extremely easy to enter my prescription, and I ended up having to use their online pupillary distance tool, which was a rather interesting (but very easy!) experience. I happily ponied up the $130 CDN Warby Parker charges for the whole kit and caboodle, which is ridiculously inexpensive in the rather lucrative business of spectacles. Then, I waited. It took about a week and a half for my glasses to arrive (and a day later than I had been expecting, due to the rather poor choice in shipping carrier WP uses in Canada, but that's a whole other rant). I immediately tore open the box and cautiously put them on. A few of the things I noticed were a) I can see! Not that this was a surprise, but it would have been just my luck that the order somehow got bungled b) these have a nice quality feel to them. They're not just cheap plastic, and feel just like my much pricier Ray Bans! c) my goodness are they ever large. Very, very large. These, my friends, are hipster glasses. No ifs ands or buts about it. And I'm probably one of the least hipster people I know, so this creates quite the paradox. Sometimes when I'm wearing them out in public I feel like I'm a master of disguise. Or Clark Kent. 

Wearing Warby Parker Mallory glasses in Gimlet Tortoise

Wearing Warby Parker Mallory glasses in Gimlet Tortoise

Kidding aside, I love these. They're exactly what I had hoped they would be, and I'm 100% going to be ordering at least one more pair - different frame, naturally - from Warby Parker in the very near future. Finding which frame will be the tough part - I've never had multiple pairs of glasses before, so this whole "not having to commit to one frame for the rest of eternity" thing is an odd one to get used to. You mean I can have multiple pairs of glasses and use them as fashion accessories as well as much-needed vision correction!? I was immediately taken by the Mallory the first time I laid eyes on them, so none of the other frames really got any consideration. Now I can leisurely poke around the site, using the virtual try-on tool... ah, what a ridiculous and wonderful way to buy eyeglasses! 

Wearing Warby Parker Mallory glasses in Gimlet Tortoise

Also, rest assured that silly faces can still be pulled in these frames. That was one of my main concerns. Obviously. This must also be taken into account for the next pair I purchase, but any and all recommendations are welcome! 

Warby Parker Mallory in Gimlet Tortoise - link! 

Another thing I just want to mention briefly is Warby Parker's "Buy a pair, give a pair" program. You can read more about it here, but in a sentence (or two), for every pair of glasses they sell, they donate a pair of glasses to a person in need through a variety of non-profits. Honestly, I would have bought these glasses regardless, but it's very nice to know that I'm supporting such a charitable and socially-conscious company :)

xo Chloë

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