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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NARS Love: Tokyo and Kauai Duos

I think I'm finally in a good groove with NARS eyeshadow duos - we're friends again, and it's quite a relief. This may seem trivial to those of you who are already on the bandwagon, but my first NARS duo was Cordura, and while the quality was fine, the colours looked like utter crap on me and it was tossed unceremoniously to the back of my reject drawer. I was disenchanted, and became wary of any and all duo eyeshadow offerings from NARS. I realize, now especially, how foolish and petty this was, but it definitely made sense in my head at the time. They're expensive, and I didn't want to waste another $40 of my hard-earned moolah.

But now things are different. Very different. I've learned to love again, and it's all thanks to Tokyo and Kauai - very different and equally amazing duos from my dear friends at NARS. Holla!

NARS Tokyo Kauai duo eyeshadow swatch

My first try back into the duos came by way of Tokyo. I was looking for something soft and neutral, work-appropriate, easy to use, and easy to travel with. Tokyo fits all of those bills perfectly. So much so, that it may be a bit of a "dud" for those of you looking for something with more impact, and I totally get that - stay tuned for Kauai, because that may be more up your street. Both of Tokyo's colours are soft and not powdery, and blend really well. They also coordinate really nicely - the lighter shade (a satiny cool greyish white with a hint of sparkle) on the lid and the darker one (a muted, almost dirty lavender, again with a hint of sparkle) in the crease can happen in a snap. Super easy, and super chic. It's my whole look in one little case! I notice that in the photo below, the light colour barely shows up on my (very) pale arm - rest assured it comes across very nicely on my eyelids!

Tokyo is perfect for the "work" part of my life, but the "play" part definitely needs nurturing too - enter Kauai. I had stalked this for quite a while, finding it to be sold out in store everywhere I looked. So after swatching it and drooling over the tester at Murale one afternoon, I broke down and ordered it online - and it's everything I knew it would be! Buttery-soft texture - which is difficult to achieve for many shimmers - major colour impact, easy blendability, colour coordination... it's so, so, so lovely. The gold is cool enough (i.e. not goldenrod yellow!) for my pasty/cool skintone, and the purple is intense but not overpowering. Perfect. 

NARS Tokyo Kauai duo eyeshadow swatch

I'm so glad both of these were winners for me - I think I would have completely sworn off NARS duos if they had disappointed me this time around. Now I have my eye on Habanera and Violetta - both of which I've heard good things about. 

Do you own any of NARS's duo eyeshadows? Are you a fan?

xo Chloë

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