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Friday, January 3, 2014


There isn't much to this post other than to say that I succumbed to the allure of Zara's winter sale. It's unavoidable and I crumbled under the pressure. To be fair, I only got two things (fistpump) not including the separate order from Zara Home (errrr...) so I didn't go too crazy, and I really like what I did get. The best thing about Zara's sales are how good the markdowns can be on SO MUCH STUFF! They basically want to get rid of everything, so it all goes on sale. Meanwhile, sale-rack lurkers like myself are all too happy to take their unwanted items off their hands at a reduced price. It's a major win-win. 

Let's start with the bag, because... obviously. This bag caught my eye immediately during my preliminary scroll of the sale page. I was intrigued because it's suede and leather, navy blue, and was marked down to $80 from $130. Basically ticked all the boxes in what I currently look for in a bag. So, into the cart it went! It ended up being absolutely lovely in real life. A tiny bit smaller than I was expecting, but still roomy and perfect. This is a major score, and I'm really really pleased with it!

As for the blouse, I've been stalking this poor thing for a couple of months now, ever since I saw it on Laura's blog Buy Now, Blog Later. As you may or may not know, I think she is wonderful and shamelessly beauty and fashion stalk her, a fact which actually led her to one of my videos, and ultimately to commenting and subscribing to me. Pretty sure she could hear me scream all the way in Dubai when I got the notification that she had commented and subscribed. Anyway, I digress. This blouse. It looked perfect on her, and I'm having a rather intense "blue period" right now, so I decided I needed it in my life ASAP. Ultimately, it was too expensive (at its original price) for me to justify, so I resigned myself to the idea that it would never be mine. But, alas... the Zara sale. Under $50. Mine. I'm worried though, because I got it in an extra small, and it looks enormous to me. I have yet to try it on though, so hopefully looks are deceiving. 

Other than these two lovely bits, I purchased a new duvet cover and pillowcases for my bed from Zara Home's equally amazing sale. It was rather impulsive, as it's incredibly difficult to match colours and patterns online, however it worked out fabulously and I'm thrilled with the final result. I'll save that for another post though. Or, if you're on Instagram, I posted a photo of the new look on my account, @xochloegordon. So if you're really curious, you can go check that out. 

Until next time, mes belles!

xo Chloë


  1. I went into Zara on Saturday to look for a new 'everyday' handbag! I had found the most beautiful black Ralph Lauren leather handbag in Winners the previous Saturday, but at $500, that was not happening. :/ I find that Zara always has a nice selection of handbags that are reasonably priced and good quality so I was hoping that I'd find something I like during the sale. Unfortunately, I left the store empty-handed. :( They had a lot of little clutch-type handbags, but not a lot of “regular” sized handbags that would fulfil its purpose as an everyday bag for me. The one that you found is beautiful though. Definitely my kind of handbag! I’ve recently done some damage at the shopping malls (whoops) so I had to resist buying anything other than a handbag from Zara…no easy feat, haha. That top is also pretty! Very classy. You always buy nice things. :) -Kim

    1. You're absolutely right about Zara having nice bags. I think they're so underrated! I have quite a few and love them all! Have you taken a look online for a Zara handbag? I've always had great experiences shopping online with them, and you can return things to the store if you're not happy with them, which is really convenient. They're sold out of the bag I bought, but there are quite a few black "normal sized" bags in the Woman and TRF sections online right now. Maybe you'll get lucky there :)

    2. I've taken a look online, but haven't come across anything I really love. :( I do kind of like the "Nubuck Leather Maxi Bucket Bag", but I'm not quite sure if I love it enough to buy it. I don't own a bag shaped like it and I do love the colour, but I'm still on the fence about it. Decisions, decisions..lol. Thanks a lot for the advice, Chloe! :)


    3. That bag is so gorgeous! But if you don't love it, and you don't think it's worth that price, then there's your answer! Maybe it will get reduced further.. then you can pounce ;)


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