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Monday, October 28, 2013

Mini LUSH Haul

I don't think I've ever officially "hauled" LUSH before, to be completely honest. I'm a semi-regular customer of theirs, but I suppose the fact that everyone and their grandmas are doing Holiday LUSH Hauls right now has dissuaded me from making my own video of the sort. But, alas, this is precisely what having a blog is for! Lucky readers, you are ;) So, I had popped out to the mall the other day in search of a piece from the Guerlain holiday collection, which remains elusive by the way, and decided to stop in at LUSH. The overwhelming waft of blended scents engulfed me as I walked by and forcefully pulled me inside. You know how it goes. 

LUSH Haul Big Shampoo Snowcake Soap

So after being shown a variety of items from their really delicious-smelling Holiday collection, I came away with one Holiday soap and a shampoo from their regular line. This was probably the most I have ever spent in one go at LUSH, even when shopping for gifts. My total came to a whopping $40 and I almost choked on myself - I usually buy one, maybe two soaps at a time, so this was quite the investment! 

The soap I ended up with is called Snowcake, which LUSH calls a "creamy marzipan confection" and a "LUSH Christmas cult classic". I can certainly see why this soap is so popular - it smells so warm and cozy (if that were a scent) and is so creamy and moisturizing. My body skin gets almost painfully dry in the colder months, so the fact that I'm not super itchy after using this soap is incredible. I'm seriously considering buying a larger piece to keep as a backup until next Christmas! It would be difficult to swallow the nearly $8 per 100g, but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! 

LUSH Haul Big Shampoo Snowcake Soap

The shampoo I splurged on is called Big, and is a sea salt and lemon shampoo, designed to "lift limp locks" and impart "mega watt shine". The sea salt is supposed to "de-grease" hair, removing dead skin cells without stripping the natural oils. I'd seen this mentioned in quite a few videos by a YouTuber I've been watching a lot of lately, itsbl0ndie. We seem to have a similar hair type (oily scalp, long hair, dry ends, etc.), so I thought I'd try it as a shampoo to alternate with my Phytocedrat shampoo. I've used Big twice already, and I know it's far too early to know for sure, but I'm quite certain I'm a fan. This past weekend I was able to wear my third-day hair down, which is absolutely unheard of. I have all of my fingers and toes crossed that this is indeed a new era for my hair, because this stuff was expensive at $26.95. Yikes! 

So, that's my little LUSH haul... all two bits of it :) I'll keep you guys updated on how my new hair routine is going, and whether I'll "have" to splurge on a LUSH conditioner too. My last foray into expensive conditioners with Phytobaume Reparateur wasn't all that successful, and I'm currently using a L'Oreal conditioner that I got for $3 at Target, so I might be on the way to becoming far too curious about LUSH's conditioners for my own good... Only time (and my split ends!) will tell. 

xo Chloë


  1. I was at LUSH the other day and didn't see Snowcake. If I had I would have definitely picked it up xx

    1. It's really lovely soap! Perhaps they just didn't have the holiday collection in yet?


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