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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Simple Studs and an Etsy Intervention

This whole Etsy thing is starting to become a problem. I might need an intervention. So much pretty, so little time. And money. So, so, so little money. I had been so good lately about not ordering things online, but then I cracked. I ordered some pieces, earrings this time, from my favourite Etsy seller, LittleGlamour. I was going through my jewelry chest and realized that while I have hoards of dangly, hoopy, and crazy earrings, I don't have any nice, simple studs. So... I ordered some. Problem solved!

Also, because I have no self control and am easily distracted by shiny things, I got both the silver and rose gold versions of the 8mm ball earrings. Aren't they beautiful? The style comes in a few different sizes, but I'm very very happy with the 8mm. I wouldn't want them any bigger or any smaller, so I'd say these are perfect :) They go with absolutely everything and are a great alternative to my usual silver hoops. I'm all for a bit of jewelry-diversity! 

These are definitely some of "those" pieces that I'll have forever and will always be current, so even though I was a bit bad to break my Etsy no-buy, I think these were an excellent purchase! You'll be seeing me in these a lot this fall and winter... heck, even next spring and summer too!

ShopLittle Glamour 

Silver Ball Earringshttp://etsy.me/14PlW14

Rose Gold Ball Earringshttp://etsy.me/18XKLsQ (these are the 6mm ones, as the 8mm ones are currently sold out!)

xo Chloë



  1. I have the same silver ball earrings! Except mine aren't from Etsy,lol. These simple studs really do go with absolutely everything. The rose gold pair are gorgeous too. Definitely an excellent purchase!

    1. I honestly don't know how I've gone this long without them! I'm soooo pleased with my purchase :D


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