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Monday, September 16, 2013

Finally, Target is Here! A Preview of Ottawa's Newest Store

Today I attended my very first blogger event (does this make me a bonafide blogger now?), the blogger preview tour for the new Target store opening at Billings Bridge in Ottawa. The store officially opens Sept. 17 (Psssst! That's tomorrow!). I've been waiting for this day for years - Target is one of my first destinations every time I'm in the U.S. I'd even venture to call myself a Target Aficionado. It's that serious. So needless to say, this is major. 

Myself and nearly 20 other bloggers descended upon the Target store, eagerly asking questions of the Target Canada Spokesperson Lisa Gibson and taking photos of everything and anything. It was really a wonderful experience, and a great opportunity to meet other bloggers - fashion, beauty, and otherwise. 

The bright and inviting cosmetics aisle was a popular photo-op for us bloggers. They really do make this aisle pretty, don't they? Gibson says that the allure of this aisle is no fluke - the innovation known as "backlit fixtures" are a feature in the U.S stores brought purposely to Canada because they "bring out a lot of the pops of colours, and make a really nice environment to shop in". I couldn't agree more! As for new products, both the Sonia Kashuk and Pixi brands have made their way to Canada and - this is the best part- are at a price that's on par with the U.S. 

The Billings Bridge location also boasts a large and well-stocked (except for fresh produce and meat, of course) grocery area. I was particularly distracted by the enormous display of cupcakes. Maybe the fact that it was almost lunch time had something to do with that :) Below is a fun Halloween display, offering up some rather interesting headgear for those of us who go big on Halloween. Who knows, I might just snag one of these!

As I'm sure was the case for most of the bloggers there, the Phillip Lim for Target collection was the highlight of the tour for me. There were a lot of oohs and aahs and careful plotting of shopping strategies, as the collection launches at the same time as the store opens for the first time, guaranteeing an extra flurry of insanity - or, rather, Lim-sanity. I'd really love to get one (or two...) of the mini-Pashli satchels, but the selection was small and I'm quite certain a few other of the bloggers had their eye on them too. We'll be thrown to the wolves tomorrow morning after our Blogger Breakfast, so keep your fingers crossed for me. 

I wasn't too wowed by the selection of the clothing items in the collection, especially since some pieces are online-only - and Canada doesn't have online shopping yet. I asked Lisa Gibson about that, and she said that Target really wanted to get the brick-and-mortar store launches right in Canada first, but that it's definitely in the plan. So it's not a matter of if we're going to get online shopping, but rather "a matter of when". 

So, that was my day today! And yes, I have a lot more photos and coverage of the Phillip Lim collection to share with you, but I'll be saving that insanity for tomorrow's post. Hopefully I'll be successful in my shopping - wish me luck! 

xo Chloë



  1. It's so strange to stumble onto another blogger so close to home. I'm from Toronto/Kingston (for school), and I was one of the crazies there the moment Target opened to snatch things up. I really like your blog! Come stop by mine sometime and say hello!

    Dejhana | Waite A Little

    1. Hi! Your blog is lovely - I've given it a follow :) I managed to get some goodies from the Phillip Lim collection today, so I'll be posting about that once I've recovered from the insanity of this morning! I was an early-morning crazy too, so don't feel too bad about that ;)

  2. Hi, Cloe! I just have to say, that shop looks absolutely great. I have to stop by a Target if Im ever in Canada or the US. Id looove to have a peak at especially that makeup aisle, lol. Also, what a lovely blog you have, you write so well. Can't believe I haven't stopped by before.
    Have a great day!

    XO tinti /Christina

    1. Target is a really cool store - you can get anything there! I'm so happy it's in my city now! And the makeup aisle is even better than in the photo - both sides are filled with makeup, and it's super bright! And thank you so much Christina, that is so sweet! I'm so glad you like my blog! Good luck on the giveaway!


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