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Monday, September 30, 2013

In Favour of Leather Leggings

... or rather, faux-leather leggings. Because I am. In favour of them, that is. This is a slightly confusing confession to make though, as I'm not quite sure how or why I'm suddenly very very into them. But one Sunday not too long ago, I was picking out my outfits for the Blogger Breakfast events at Target. I was trying to come up with a cool outfit involving my new Maje sweater (I'm obsessed, I know!), and a thought suddenly came to me: "This would be so fabulous with faux-leather leggings!" I stopped in my tracks the moment I thought it and brushed it off as a moment of weakness, or temporary insanity. But the thought kept coming back, stronger and stronger. Strong enough that I took to Polyvore, a site I haven't used in years, to create some outfits using the Daria Leggings from Aritzia (the ones I particularly have my eye on and update have purchased... see here!). Doing this only made my longing for these pants worse, as I easily came up with three fabulous outfits I could wear them with:

Faux leather leggings chic coat heels embellished top

Outfit #1: This is a "classy chic" way to wear faux-leather (or real leather, if sweating down your legs all day is your cup of joe... no judgements here...) while still having that slight badass edge. I love love love the coat, and the oxblood colour gives a great dimension to the otherwise black and white look. Meanwhile, the embellishment on the top keeps the outfit looking special, even when the coat is taken off. So many things I love going on in this outfit!

Faux leather leggings wedge sneakers sporty

Outfit #2: Obviously this is a more casual way to wear the leggings, with a fun slogan tee and wedge sneakers (that I already have!). The faux-leather leggings keep it from being "too" casual, as they add a little something extra that regular cotton leggings don't have. So perhaps we can call this one "sporty-chic"? I think the Phillip Lim bucket bag alone brings the "chic" to that title! 

faux leather leggings moto boots animal sweater

Outfit #3: This one is a more "cool chic" outfit. Notice how I'm describing all of these with adjective+chic? It's the pants, I swear. They help transition the first adjective into being chic as well. They might be magical. Anyway, I love this one, as it has a preppier sweater on top, while keeping it pretty badass on the bottom with the leggings and moto boots. And red lipstick. And cat-eye sunnies. 

Now, I have yet to actually buy a pair of these leggings. I'd like to try a few of the pairs Aritzia has to offer, especially the Daria leggings, but they cost a bit more money than I have available in my clothing budget at the moment. Also, I really need to try them on in-store, and I haven't really been in the "Mall Mood" lately. So, once I have a spare $135 to spend, it just might be on faux-leather leggings... I can't believe I just wrote that. 

xo Chloë


  1. i LOVE leather leggings - they are so edgy! i'm participating in your fall blog hop, I found yours from Ashlee's blog! i look forward to reading your future posts!

    gorgeous outfit! the skirt is so girly and feminine! love it!

    -ariel* xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Ariel! I really appreciate it :) xx

  2. You've created some really nice outfits! The oxblood coat=gorgeousness. I love leather leggings (Well, leather clothing in general), very edgy! BTW, the Daria leggings are currently on sale for $95 at Aritzia as part of the mid season sale! It's only online though. :)


    1. Thanks Kim! I did see them on sale at Aritzia, but unfortunately the black ones are still full price :( I ended up getting a pair for $60 at Zara, so if I end up loving the style I might splurge on the Aritzia ones sometime!


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