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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chanel Graphite is in my hot little hands, yes it is!

Yes, you read the title right. And no, you have not time-travelled back to Fall 2011. It is currently April 2012, and yes, I just got Chanel Graphite nail polish from their fall 2011 collection. I almost bought this polish when it came out. Almost. But the price freaked me out, and I decided against getting it... I finally convinced myself that I needed it, but by the time I had, it was long sold out.

This was "the one that got away". I hunted high and low for any possible dupes (nope), lurked every Chanel counter I came across in case they had a lonely Graphite straggler at the bottom of a drawer... but no. I had missed it.

But then.... When I was in NYC over Easter, I popped by the Chanel counter at Century 21 and OMFGOMFGOMFG they had not only one, but THREE of them! Glory Hallelujah! No, I didn't buy all three (so my dear NYC readers, run fast to Cortlandt Street!) but I did a happy dance and giddily purchased this baby. I think I paid $28 and I don't even care. It was 100% worth it.

Details: $28(ish) for 0.4 fl. oz, Chanel Graphite (529) is described as a "metallic silver". I see so much more in it though: silver, gold, pewter, green, brown... And the glitter is so small and smooth and looks like it's glowing in the sunlight. Absolutely stunning.

Chanel Graphite in sunlight

Chanel Graphite in sunlight

Chanel Graphite with flash

xo Chloe


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