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Monday, November 11, 2019

What I ate in NYC // TRAVEL

One of the things I love about New York City is the amazing variety of food to eat. On my most recent trip to NYC with my friend Natalie, we held nothing back when it came to food, and oh boy was it ever great!

A couple of notes before I make you all super hungry: Natalie and I both do intermittent fasting, so we don't eat breakfast (this was a very handy thing to have in a travel partner!). Also, I don't eat meat other than chicken, fish, and seafood, so these food choices reflect that! Natalie is also gluten-free, so where possible (a.k.a. if I remember) I will note what she ate as well.

xochloegordon and natalieast nataliastyleblog in new york city NYC redbury hotel NoMad

We ate here moments before it closed the Friday we arrived, as well as Saturday after we went to the ballet and Target. The first time I got the mushroom burger combo, and my second time around I was weak and went for the chicken burger. This was my first time eating Shake Shack and it was certainly not a disappointment! The crinkle-cut fries were a nice touch too. Natalie had a regular burger, but they do offer gluten-free bun options.

shake shack mushroom vegetarian burger nyc herald square

Eataly NYC Downtown (World Trade Center)

This was a spur of the moment choice after a bit of shopping at Century 21. It was packed but we were able to get a spot for the two of us without a problem. I had the Pansotti, a delightfully creamy, buttery, and slightly lemony sauce on some delicious raviolis. Natalie's dish was available with a gluten-free pasta option as well, but I don't recall the name.

eataly nyc downtown world trade center ravioli gluten free lunch pasta

This was also a spur of the moment stop. We had taken the subway over to DUMBO to shoot at the iconic archway under the Manhattan Bridge spot, and before executing our plan to walk back to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge, we needed some lunch. As we wandered toward the bridge, we came across this cute spot that had a great brunch menu, and an outdoor patio. I had the California Benedict from the brunch menu, with poached eggs on top of homemade hashbrowns, and one of the most delicious salads I have ever had. This salad felt like it was a part of this meal, a real consideration, and not just an afterthought plunked on the plate. Natalie had the egg scramble plate with gluten free toast. 

Westville NYC dumbo brunch eggs  brooklyn

Tavern on the Green (Central Park)

Believe it or not, I had never eaten at this iconic NYC spot. We made a quick online reservation for the afternoon after the brunch at Westville (I know, I know) and after our bridge walk, we hustled uptown to make our reso. Unfortunately they were still offering only the brunch menu at 3pm, so it was a bit of a struggle to find something that wasn't just a repeat of our lunch. I ended up with a massive frittata (honestly, it was huge - definitely shareable!) and some potato pancakes and apple sauce. Natalie had a salmon dish, and we also shared a bottle of sparkling cider. The service wasn't the quickest or most attentive here, but the food was good and the atmosphere was lovely. 

brunch tavern on the green nyc central park travel blog

After our photoshoot in SoHo, we were in need of some caffeine, so we hit up the adorable Cha Cha Matcha. It was expensive (and they don't take cash - FYI) and not a large serving of matcha, but there were dairy-free options (I'm lactose intolerant) and it was very aesthetically-pleasing, so I won't complain too much. 

cha cha matcha soho latte nyc instagram blogger

Kawi (Hudson Yards)

On our last day in NYC, we went West and checked out the Vessel art installation at Hudson Yards, an area that has developed significantly over the past few years. There's a shopping mall right next to the installation, and we decided to check out Kawi, a Korean restaurant by Momofuku. This was a pleasant surprise to find in a mall. We shared the soft tofu & salmon roe, as well as the spicy yellowfin tuna. We also had some cocktails, and Natalie's was served in an adorable cat cup! This spot was a bit pricey, but for our last meal together in NYC, it felt like it was worth it!

Kawi Momofuku tofu salmon roe hudson yards

kawi momofuku yellowfin tuna nyc hudson yards

kawi momofuku hudson yards nyc cocktails

I probably gained a few pounds after this weekend, but I'm a firm believer in seizing the moment and not going all that way just to eat Chipotle for every meal (though admittedly, we did split a burrito bowl for a snack before the ballet). I love eating, and I especially love eating the local food, or taking advantage of the local food scene, when I travel. 

What are some of your favourite spots to eat in NYC? 

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