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Monday, September 4, 2017

Bare Legs, Long Jackets + Fall Transition // OOTD

Can you believe it's September? I can't. Honestly. It feels as though we've barely had a summer, and I'm not just saying that because I've been up to my eyeballs in my real-life-big-girl job this summer; the weather here in Ottawa has been less than summery. As I write this, I have a sweater and the fireplace on. For a city that is often referred to as HOTtawa in the summer months, it's serious. 

But this also brings me to some of my favourite outfits ever: a long jacket over shorts/short skirt. It's like I can't get that old Cake song out of my head... I want a girl with a short skirt, and a loooooonggggg jacket. This summer, I've been rocking this kind of outfit often, and something tells me it's going to be key when "transitioning" into autumn. Keep warm while still clinging to the last vestiges of summertime...

ootd utility jacket perth ontario shorts gucci dionysus

I do apologize ahead of time that these being my fav jackets are unfortunately no longer available. The utility jacket seems to be a never-ending trend though, so I've found a few dupes below of this Forever 21 one that I thrifted from Plato's Closet. I think this delightful Zara bomber may be a little trickier to replicate, but I've tried. Both go rather nicely with my Gucci Dionysus, amirite? 

ootd tropical bomber jacket gucci dionysus zara ottawa

The key for finding the right jacket is to find a length that fully covers your bum. That way, if worn correctly, it looks like you have no pants on from the back (lol). But seriously, I do find "just-under-butt" to be the perfect length for me. Keeping the length of the jacket within a few inches of the end of whatever it is you're wearing on the bottom is super important to the integrity of this ~lewk~... otherwise the jacket can look kind of awkward and out of place, instead of being a central aspect to the outfit. 

Utility jacket dupes can be found here, and here (both Forever21) 
Similar bombers here (ASOS) here (Maison Scotch via ASOS)

xo Chloë
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