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Thursday, July 6, 2017

An Ode to Millennial Pink

Oh millennial pink, how I've tried and tried to resist your allure. Your soft, happy hue, your maddeningly neutral, "go-with-everything" tone. Evidently, it was to no avail. I'm converted. My name is Chloë, I'm a millennial (ugh) and I love pink. The youths have won. Take me to your leader!

So you may already be sick of all my pink if you are a casual peruser of my Instagram... or, it's entirely possible you've missed all of my posts due to the terrible Instagram algorithm of engagement death. But I digress. My point is that the pink has been a slow burn that has now combusted into full-blown buy-in. Exhibit One: a fully pink suit that I most definitely wear to work. The jacket alone is a fantastic piece that (surprise!) goes with everything. Zara FTW, once again. 

More exhibits here of pink being generally pretty great... I also had the opportunity recently to pull some pieces from Ever New's spring collection, and got to play around with a beautiful pink trench coat and a shimmery midi skirt, also pink. Borrowing pieces is new to me, but it was a really cool thing to try (though this instance was quite the saga due to unforeseen circumstances!). 

Now for some handy links (some are affiliate, in the interest of full disclosure) and dupes and all that stuff: 

Gucci Dionysus here
Ever New Jolet trench here (currently on sale!), similar via ASOS here, Forever 21 here. 
Ever New Milani skirt here
Aritzia Freddie maxi dress here, similar via Boohoo here
Zara pink suit, similar via ASOS here 
Club Monaco striped cropped sweater
BCBG studded heels via DSW here
Zara pink trousers w/tie, similar via ASOS here
Zara lace top, similar via Hudson's Bay here
BRUNETTE the label "Blonde" t-shirt here
Vintage Levi's via Urban Outfitters here



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