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Thursday, July 6, 2017

An Ode to Millennial Pink

Oh millennial pink, how I've tried and tried to resist your allure. Your soft, happy hue, your maddeningly neutral, "go-with-everything" tone. Evidently, it was to no avail. I'm converted. My name is Chloë, I'm a millennial (ugh) and I love pink. The youths have won. Take me to your leader!

So you may already be sick of all my pink if you are a casual peruser of my Instagram... or, it's entirely possible you've missed all of my posts due to the terrible Instagram algorithm of engagement death. But I digress. My point is that the pink has been a slow burn that has now combusted into full-blown buy-in. Exhibit One: a fully pink suit that I most definitely wear to work. The jacket alone is a fantastic piece that (surprise!) goes with everything. Zara FTW, once again. 

More exhibits here of pink being generally pretty great... I also had the opportunity recently to pull some pieces from Ever New's spring collection, and got to play around with a beautiful pink trench coat and a shimmery midi skirt, also pink. Borrowing pieces is new to me, but it was a really cool thing to try (though this instance was quite the saga due to unforeseen circumstances!). 

Now for some handy links (some are affiliate, in the interest of full disclosure) and dupes and all that stuff: 

Gucci Dionysus here
Ever New Jolet trench here (currently on sale!), similar via ASOS here, Forever 21 here. 
Ever New Milani skirt here
Aritzia Freddie maxi dress here, similar via Boohoo here
Zara pink suit, similar via ASOS here 
Club Monaco striped cropped sweater
BCBG studded heels via DSW here
Zara pink trousers w/tie, similar via ASOS here
Zara lace top, similar via Hudson's Bay here
BRUNETTE the label "Blonde" t-shirt here
Vintage Levi's via Urban Outfitters here



Tuesday, March 14, 2017


OOTD leopard coat dynamite turtleneck barrhaven plato's closet

"Bloggers pretending they have dropped something on the ground and are casually looking for it while having their photo taken": a series by Chloë Gordon.

This pose is becoming a serious problem/crutch for me (and many, many other bloggers, based on the 700+ of you I follow on Instagram). I guess the thing is that I don't love the way my face looks in a lot of photos, so the more hair and less face I can show, the better. 

Or, I can start practising my "smize" and just get on with my life. That's also an option. 

OOTD leopard coat dynamite turtleneck barrhaven plato's closet

I went on a little exploration adventure with my friend Natalie last weekend - she talked me into driving us to (wait for it) Barrhaven. We checked out a thrift store called Plato's Closet, that ended up having quite a few diamonds in the rough. I ended up with a brand new with tags Forever 21 utility jacket for $16, so I won't complain too much about the 30 minute drive out to the boonies. A similar current-season one is available at Forever 21 here

Natalie ended up with some brand new One Teaspoon boyfriend jeans, which was pretty fateful, given the fact that she had spent some of the ride out to Barrhaven decrying how expensive these exact jeans were when buying new, even though they were exactly the style of boyfriend jeans she wanted. 

Then we stumbled across Cafe Cristal, a little tea cafe that we had been talking about visiting - but had put on the "maybe" list due to its ridiculous location (again, Barrhaven) (sorry to anyone who lives in Barrhaven, but seriously). This cafe is seriously instagrammable, and the actual food and tea is very good too. I had a savoury pesto chicken crepe in hopes of curing my mild hangover (oops), and some blood orange tea. Natalie was a bit less impressed with her macarons, though she was comparing them to Laduree...  

Cafe Cristal high tea crepe Barrhaven Ottawa

Cafe Cristal tea ootd xochloegordon natalie ast

We also ran into Patricia from @fashioncanadians, who had come in with some friends for high tea... so obviously this is the place to be for bloggers! 

I'm wearing:

Aritzia Beckledge Coat (similar here and here)
Dynamite ribbed turtleneck (similar here
Mother Denim jeans (similar style here)
Zara booties (wayyy old, similar here)
Gucci Soho Disco Bag (navy no longer available, similar here)
Firmoo glasses
Mejuri Lotus necklace (use code CHLOE for $20 off your Mejuri purchase!) 

Thanks to Natalie for the photos!


Monday, February 27, 2017


Needless to say, everyone has a lot of opinions about what went down at the Dolby Theatre last night - sartorial, political, or otherwise. I thought I'd share some of my sartorial opinions with you all, in the form of my very first best/worst dressed list. Here goes.


Janelle Monae

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Not everyone could pull this Elie Saab Couture dress off, but Janelle has nailed it. I love that she stuck to her usual black and white colour scheme, but turned her whole suit-wearing trend on its head. The fit is perfect, her accessories are spot on, and she looks just the right amount of "extra" without being too extra. 

Ruth Negga

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. This is another dress that most people could not pull off, but Ruth looks elegant and chic and absolutely radiant in Valentino. The fit is perfect on her, and the soft drape of the skirt keeps it from looking fussy or matronly. This is a very fashion dress, and it suits her beautifully. 

Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips

File this one under BFF Goals, since both of these beauties are totally slaying the red carpet here. No surprise to see Michelle in Louis Vuitton, and I love the simplicity of the design. Busy's showing off her bangin' bod with those cool cutouts, and I'm loving her ACLU ribbon! 

Taraji P. Henson

Slay, mama. Taraji looks like she knows she looks amazing, and knows that you know she looks amazing. The styling of the whole look is perfect - the old Hollywood shape of this Alberta Ferretti gown mixed with the modernity of the blue velvet is super chic. 

Mahershala Ali

I'm really digging this black-on-black suit. Men have a bit of a rough go in terms of formalwear - either wear the same boring suit or tux as every other dude on the red carpet, or potentially look like a waiter (unfortunately, see Dev Patel and Jamie Dornan's suits). Mahershala took a bit of a risk, and showed us something different for menswear. Bravo!

Kirsten Dunst

I've been trying to keep my list focused on people who are ~relevant~, but Kirsten Dunst in Dior is really, really doing it for me. Perfect proportions, perfect length, perfect neckline. I don't love her beauty look, but this dress is spectacular. 

Brie Larson

The top of this Oscar de la Renta dress is the best part. I'm loving the dramatic angles mixed with the romantic and soft ruffle of the hem. It's a perfect balance, and Brie looks absolutely stunning. She's on-trend with the velvet, but still classic and chic. 


Dakota Johnson

If I had to pick just one worst dressed (I don't, but still) this would certainly be it. Awful. Just awful. This Gucci is an absolute monstrosity, and I'm actually appalled to see this on some prominent best-dressed lists (*ahem* Vogue). The colour is super unflattering on any skin tone, the fabric looks cheap, and the style is ultra-matronly. It looks kind of okay in some red carpet photos, but the moment she walked out on stage with Jamie Dornan to present, any redeeming qualities dissipated. 

Scarlett Johansson

I hate this dress. It's giving me major early-2000s vibes, and not in a good way. The pattern of this Alaia dress is very dated and casual, and the belt is just awful. I'm also confused by the seemingly random sheer slits through which you could definitely see her Spanx. Puzzling. 

Ginnifer Goodwin

Oh, this is tragic. Especially when compared to Ruth Negga's beautiful gown of a similar style. There's too much going on with Ginnifer's Zuhair Murad dress, from the sheer panels, structured skirt, and high neck. The length seems a bit awkward too, especially given how stiff the skirt looks. I think it would have been better as a tea-length, but it's still a big fail.

Alicia Vikander

I think I like what they were going for here, but this whole look just looks off. The cap sleeves and weird almost-too-tight bustier, plus the high-low hem... the proportions and shape of this Louis Vuitton gown just seem strange to me. 

Jamie Dornan and Dev Patel

I've grouped these two here together since they're essentially wearing the same suit. I've never been a huge fan of the white top/black bottom look for men's suits, since it's dangerously close to being waiter or valet attire. At least the fit of Dev's suit is good, while Jamie's pants look too short and ill-fitting. 

So there you have it! My very first best and worst dressed list. There were loads of other dresses that I liked (and disliked) but didn't feel strongly enough about to include here. These were my real hits and misses. Let me know in the comments what your favourites were!
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