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Monday, September 12, 2016

Blush & Berry // Trend Talk

blush pink inspiration

In case it was not yet obvious, I'm still smitten with blush (or are we shamelessly calling it "tumblr pink" now? I can't keep up). While I have yet to be smashingly successful in finding my dream pieces in this equally as dreamy hue, I've still been doing a great deal of window shopping. All of this hoping and planning has ultimately led me to the question of... how does one wear blush for fall? Further to this, how can I avoid falling into my typical black/white/grey trap? I think a cool, unexpected pairing would be a wine/berry colour, as they are both in the pink family. Tone on tone, you know? Below is a carefully curated look at some of my picks for mixing berry with blush: 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Fall Fashion #1 // Wishlist

Well, friends, it's that time of year again when I can't really decide whether I'm sad summer is ending or not. In years past, I haven't really been a sunshine-loving person (not that winter is my favourite either, by any means) but for some reason I'm feeling a bigger sense of loss over the end of summer 16. To make myself feel better, I've done a bit of online window shopping for my fall closet. I do need some new pieces to fill in some gaps, so why not start now? 

Zara blush coat

Zara Double-Breasted Coat

I just saw this in-store the other day, and fell in love. It's a soft blush colour, and the wool fabric feels soft and warm. Of course, this type of coat has a very short window of opportunity here in Canada before the real winter settles in, but I'd happily rock this until then!

Zara blush dress
Zara Oversized Dress

Obviously I'm on a bit of a blush theme here. I tried so hard to incorporate the colour into my wardrobe this summer, but all the pieces I was finding weren't quite right. The tone of blush, the style, etc. This colour is so soft that it's almost white, so I think this will work!

Zara high waisted carrot pants

Zara High Waisted Carrot (??) Trousers

I'm not sure what a carrot trouser is, but if you've known me long enough, you will know I'm all about the baggy high waisted pant look. I've been looking for a great cropped skinny ankle version for a while now, and these just may fit the bill. 

Aritzia Avery sweater

Aritzia Avery Sweater

You all know about my warm fuzzy feelings about Aritzia, so I don't really need to remind you. Their sweaters are the bomb, but kind of pricey... so if I were to drop some cash on a sweater there this season, this would be the one. 

Aritzia delbert skirt

Aritzia Delbert Skirt

I've never been a big fan of Aritzia's skirts, but this vegan suede number may have changed my mind. I've been wanting a new pencil skirt to wear to work aside from my basic black, and this one definitely has that something "extra".

Reformation Laura dress

Reformation Laura Dress

So I've never actually bought anything from Reformation before, so this is definitely more of a dream than anything. I've seen this dress on Danielle from We Wore What, and while she can make any clothes look amazing, I think this dress would be pretty cool on me too. Granted, I'm not sure where I would have the opportunity to wear a dress with such a deep v, but hey, you never know! 

L'intervalle tyson boot

L'Intervalle Tyson Boot

One of the CF Rideau Centre's new stores is Montreal-based shoe store L'Intervalle... and I'm obsessed. I saw these booties in-store a few days ago and have been dreaming of them ever since. My similar ones from Zara a few years ago are on death's door from being out in the salty snowbanks all winter, so I'm needing a replacement stat. 

So there you have it, part one of my fall wishlist. I say "part one" because let's be real, it's a never-ending process... 

Let me know in the comments what you're looking to buy this fall!

xo Chloë
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