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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Things I Love Right Now // Chat

Quay Australia NARS MUFE Strut Jewelry

Things I love right now. That's right to the point, now isn't it? Fair warning that this post may devolve into a bit of a chatty mess, but at least we're starting strong. 

First I have a bit of news that I'm finally confident enough to share - I'm doubtful at this point that it will fall through, so here goes! I've been "hired" as the new Localist at Large contributor for FLARE Magazine. FLARE is a very popular Canadian fashion magazine that I actually subscribed to for years, so this is major. I'll be first appearing in the October print issue, so make sure to check me out when it hits newsstands! 

Now on to why we're here: some favourites. 

1. Makeup For Ever Water Blend foundation*. I'm obsessed with MUFE foundations, and my holy grail is their Face and Body foundation. My worst nightmare (errrrr) was realised when they stopped selling my shade here in Canada. A lovely friend recently sent me a bottle from the U.S, but now... OMG. This stuff is great. I was sent 3 different shades to trial, and this one - R210 - is a perfect match. On their "yellow" side, Y225 isn't bad on me either. The texture of this new formula is so much better - less jellylike - than the original, which is great, and I find it's a bit better in terms of coverage. 

2. Glossier Boy Brow in Brown. I'm still so salty over the fact that Glossier doesn't ship to Canada. This came from my friend Sam, along with a tube of their Balm Dotcom. It's waxy enough to hold my brows in place, but not make them crispy. It's enough colour to be there, but not be crazy. Boy Brow is amazing. Mic drop.   

3. NARS Blush in Douceur. This is a longtime favourite for me, so I'm kind of shocked I haven't hit pan on this yet. It's the perfect browny rose colour to wear every damn day, if I'm being honest here. I wear it every day. Every. Day. I think this was a limited edition shade, but I could have sworn I saw it in-store at Sephora not too long ago.

Quay Australia NARS MUFE Strut Jewelry

4. Tattoo choker from eBay. I had about ten of these when I was a kid, and of course they've all disappeared. So, I took to eBay. This was pretty cheap ($1.50 ish) so I can't really complain. It's trendy and fun, and I've had so many people asking me where I got it! I'm so down with the choker trend - chic and functional, since it means I don't have to pay much attention to contouring my jawline ;)

5. Quay Australia Every Little Thing sunglasses via ASOS. I purchased these and another pair of dirt cheap ASOS branded aviators while waiting for the bleach to lift at the hair salon. I'm a bit late to the mirrored sunglasses party, but I'm getting a bit obsessed. These are the perfect cateye, and the lilac lenses are so cool. 

Quay Australia NARS MUFE Strut Jewelry

6. H&M gold hoops. I got 3 sets of hoops for a dollar, and I've been loving them. I'm currently wearing them in all 4 of my ear piercings, and the look is really inspiring me to go get a third hole. It's something I've been wanting to do for ages. Seriously - I've had my second holes since grade school, so there has been nothing new since then!

7. Strut Jewelry opal necklace. This local Ottawa jewelry brand is my jam right now. I've been wearing this necklace non-stop, and it layers beautifully with some of my other favourite pieces. Their fall collection has some really beautiful pieces coming up - there's a beautiful mixed gold and silver choker I have my eye on! 

Hope you're all well! Let me know in the comments what you're loving right now, I'd love to hear!

xo Chloë

Friday, July 22, 2016

Polo In The Park // OOTD

Ottawa blogger Polo In The Park Zara Wesley Clover August 27 OOTD

I'm so excited to bring you this post, as it's in promotion of a very exciting upcoming event here in Ottawa: Polo in the Park. On August 27 at Wesley Clover Parks, the Rotary Club of Ottawa South, the Ottawa Polo Club, and the host venue will be putting on a day full of exciting events (most exciting being the polo, obviously). As an inner-city child and adult, I can say without much shame and with 100% honesty that I have never been on a horse before. So, polo is kind of foreign to me. But I'm excited to learn, as it seems to be popular with British royals of a ginger, princely variety. If you catch my drift. 
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