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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Song of Style x Formula X | Beauty Talk

This was impulse. Total, complete impulse. I had a gift card, I saw a nude nail, and it just kind of... happened. Sephora is dangerous like that. 

The Song of Style/Formula X #ColorCurators collection launched this month, with three colour offerings: Girl's Best Friend (pink), Mintfluencer (mint green), and Nude For You (nude beige). To be honest, Girl's Best Friend was my first choice, but was sold out in-store, so into the basket went Nude For You

Song of Style and Formula X in Nude For You

So here's the rundown:
  • The colour is pretty. I'm still not totally sold on it on my "winter skin", but I think it's a really nice neutral. I think this was a good debut for the collection, but there's something about the mint colour that just doesn't fit for a January launch. 
  • It was opaque in one coat, but I put on two for good measure. 
  • I'm not all that thrilled that these "Color Curator" polishes go for $3 more than the regular Formula X line, which are already a bit pricey at $13. 
  • I can't comment on longevity, since my latest habit has been to use the NYC peel-off nail polish base coat. That means the first sign of dishwater or a hair washing, my manicure is done. 
I'll be interested to see what the other "Curators" come up with in the coming year!

xo Chloë



  1. that's a pretty shade! I can definitely see it popping with a summer tan ♥



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