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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All About That Lash | Beauty Talk

I often go through phases when it comes to beauty products. Not a "rut", per-se, but I definitely tend to use the heck out of something if I like it. I'm currently getting back into false lashes. The last time I was knee-deep into lashes was when I was hell-bent on acquiring the Eylure #143 eyelashes, as a total stalker-moment for Laura from Buy Now Blog Later. A lovely friend in the U.S named Sam so kindly sent me two pairs in the mail. I wore the first pair right out, and have been saving the second. Then I got distracted by some other lovely lashes, so here we are... 

An assortment of false eyelashes from Eylure, Huda Beauty, and Ellie Goulding for MAC

First it was the Ellie Goulding for MAC lashes. I'm a total sucker for individual lashes, but am terribly out of practice in putting them on. My first go with these was comical to say the least. They were all over the place. I looked a hot mess. I vow to persevere though, as the variety of lengths is just so convenient and versatile, and they can go almost undetectable when actually applied correctly.

Then came the big ones: Huda Beauty lashes. Also a Laura stalker moment. Actually, to be fair, I had been looking at them online for a little while before I saw her Snap Story about these, so her influence was mostly which style to try. I ended up with #7 Samantha, a medium wispy fluttery type deal. I cut them in half for easier application and a longer life, and they are absolutely stunning. 

Huda Beauty #7 Samantha eyelashes, cut in half

This moment right here is the only time I will ever voluntarily compare myself to a Kardashian. These are Kardashian eyelashes, and they are so lush and beautiful. My only complaint is how thick the band is, but I suppose that does serve a functional purpose. Gives me an excuse to load on the eyeliner and mascara, I guess, which is just fine with me. 

Have you tried Huda Beauty lashes, or other higher end brands? What do you think? Are they worth it?

xo Chloë


  1. "This moment right here is the only time I will ever voluntarily compare myself to a Kardashian."



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