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Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 IN REVIEW // Life

OOTD Zara floral dress Chloe Gordon year in review 2016

So. 2016. What is it they've been calling it? A "dumpster fire"? Generally pretty accurate, but on a micro level (my own level), it has actually been pretty good. Great, even. So, here goes:

Places I went:

1) Barbados. Reading week vacay in the sun and sand was exactly what I needed. Pretty much wore a bathing suit all week and developed a pretty strong tolerance for rum. It was my first time south of Florida, and I absolutely loved it. We went to the Oistins fish fry, met some lovely people, took a catamaran cruise, and ate a whole lot of flying fish. 

Chloe Gordon year in review Barbados bikini

2) St. John's, NL. This was a super-quick layover type deal, but I got to see the lovely Ashlee and Hannah for a quick dinner and drink! It was so quick we didn't even take a picture together, so you'll just have to take my word for it that it happened. 

3) Toronto (x2). Twice in less than six months to Toronto has to be some kind of record for me! Both trips were very short, but I went to Toronto Island for the first time, and I got to shop at Uniqlo (!!). 

Chloe Gordon year in review 2016 Toronto Island OOTD forever 21

People I met:

1) WAY more Ottawa bloggers! This was absolutely the "year" of meeting people. So many media and PR events, so many people to meet! The blogging community in Ottawa is so warm and open, and I'm truly grateful for the support system. 

Chloe Gordon year in review 2016 Rideau Centre opening party bloggers

2) Natalie. Natalie is a Toronto blogger in Ottawa for school, and she and I have been hanging out for the past few months, doing outfit shoots, eating pho, and filming some YouTube videos. I also really like her cat, Mousse, who actually happens to like me too (cats typically hate me because I am 100% a dog person).

Chloe Gordon year in review 2016 blogger Natalie Ast Club Monaco

3) WAY more of YOU! Every year, I just keep meeting more and more readers and viewers, and it is just as exciting and awkward (me, not you) every time! 

Things I did:

1) Started freelancing with FLARE Magazine. Imagine my surprise when in late July, I received an email from the fashion news features editor at FLARE, asking if I would be interested in becoming FLARE's Localist contributor for Ottawa. The learning curve was steep, and it has been stressful at times, but I've been absolutely loving my new gig. Now that FLARE is moving to online-only, I'm eager (and a bit nervous) to see what my role will be in 2017. 

Chloe Gordon year in review 2016 FLARE magazine localist OttAWA

2) "Broke up" with my agency. No bad blood or drama or anything, it just wasn't working out for me, and I found I was more successful at connecting with PR and brands on my own. Besides, blogging is still only a hobby for me, so having a manager felt super weird.

3) Went semi-vegetarian. I haven't eaten pork, beef, lamb, or any other non-bird meat since September. I found I just feel better when I don't eat meat, so I'm seeing how long I can keep it up. Aside from the chicken/turkey/fish/etc. exception, I will eat sustainably-sourced meats, like hunted game. But overall, my body has been really loving this experiment.

4) Felt great. I've still had my moments with anxiety and depression this year, but overall, my mental health is in a completely new place. I've said yes to so many things I previously would never have even considered, and I think I'm finally becoming the person I was always meant to be. That sounds a bit dramatic, but in all honesty, my early 20s was not a good scene for me. 26/27 have been a revelation. 

Goals for 2017:

1) Plan my editorial calendar better, and stick to it. I go into everything with the best of intentions, but usually end up getting so overwhelmed or stressed or anxious that I just put everything off. It's a bad headspace to be in. 

2) Graduate and find a full time job (!!). I'll be finishing my master's this spring, so now it's on to the job hunt. Maybe once my life has a more "set" schedule, I'll be a more reliable blogger? Or is that just wishful thinking?

3) Travel more. This may be in conflict with the "get a job" goal, but hey, a girl can dream! 

Thank you so much to everyone reading this -- blogging and vlogging is a tough business/hobby to be in, so hearing from people who read my posts, watch my videos, or follow my socials is so uplifting. You rock!

So while doing this type of post two years in a row doesn't quite qualify as a series or "tradition" yet, I'd like to think I'll have my ish together enough in future years that it will be... 

Happy new year to you all. We survived 2016, so really, we can do anything now. 

xo Chloë

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Over The Knee Boots // OOTD

OOTD at Gatineau Park in Boohoo dress and over the knee boots

I've been having a real moment with BooHoo lately, and these black OTK boots and pink cold-shoulder dress are my latest finds. I'm especially excited, since I've been able to wear them well into November thanks to this crazy-mild weather. Just throw on a coat like this old favourite from a past Zara season, and I'm good to go! A pair of sheer tights would also help transition this look into winter and keep dress season open for a little while longer. 

OOTD at Gatineau Park in Boohoo dress and over the knee boots
OOTD at Gatineau Park in Boohoo dress and over the knee boots

It may also seem as though my navy Gucci Disco bag is all I own and wear, which is pretty much half true. Clearly I own more than this bag, but lately it is indeed all I wear. The navy is so versatile, but different enough to keep it from being boring. The size is also perfect. I don't think the navy is available right now, but if it ever becomes available again, I highly, highly recommend it, especially if you tend to wear mostly neutrals and black. 

This is also my first cold-shoulder piece... I had sworn this wasn't the trend for me, but then I saw the dress on the model on the BooHoo site and I was sold. I think the long sleeves and ribbed knit fabric are key for me. It's so comfy and casual, while still being cute and fashionable. 

OOTD at Gatineau Park in Boohoo dress and over the knee boots
OOTD at Gatineau Park in Boohoo dress and over the knee boots
OOTD at Gatineau Park in Boohoo dress and over the knee boots

In other news, I've since had my roots done with some babylights, in case the dark stripe of regrowth was filling you with as much irrational annoyance as it was for me... I'm still loving my blonde but want to give a balayage/highlight root a try. I've also gone a bit shorter in terms of length, but have also gotten a new set of Foxylocks extensions for when I'm missing my mane. Clip in extensions really are an amazing invention. 

xo Chloë

Thanks so much to Natalie Ast for the photos!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Club Monaco F/W16 // FASHION

Club Monaco Rideau Centre Fall Winter 2016 collection

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to a preview tour of Club Monaco's fall and winter collection for 2016. You all know Club Monaco is 100% my jam, so I was so excited to learn more about the inspiration behind the pieces in the collection. 

Texture and details are key for the season: velvet, ruffles, lacey details, faux-fur, and tapestry-inspired floral prints, while still keeping silhouettes streamlined and modern. Mixing and matching textures and fabrics was also a big theme, and I think it totally works! I'm also loving the winter whites and blush/pinks - super unexpected, but so fresh!

Club Monaco Rideau Centre Fall Winter 2016 collection
Club Monaco Rideau Centre Fall Winter 2016 collectionClub Monaco Rideau Centre Fall Winter 2016 collection marie turnor

I also love how Club Monaco curates a small collection of third-party accessories and shoes (and more recently denim!). It's a great way for people to discover new designers and brands that are in the same vein as the Club Monaco aesthetic. This glittery gold lunchbag-inspired clutch from Marie Turnor is giving me so much life right now - I think it would be gorgeous with a simple LBD for a holiday party! 

They're also hitting it out of the park in the coat department this season. There's a gorgeous variety of wool coats in classic hues like camel and grey, as well as a pop of feminine pink. I'm trying hard to incorporate more pink and blush into my wardrobe this winter, so the styling on these mannequins are a huge source of inspiration. 

Club Monaco Rideau Centre Fall Winter 2016 collection
Club Monaco Rideau Centre Fall Winter 2016 collection
Club Monaco Rideau Centre Fall Winter 2016 collection
Club Monaco Rideau Centre Fall Winter 2016 collection
Club Monaco Rideau Centre Fall Winter 2016 collection
Club Monaco Rideau Centre Fall Winter 2016 collection
Club Monaco Rideau Centre Fall Winter 2016 collection

Club Monaco certainly is more of an "investment piece" store for me, so I'll have to whittle my wishlist down quite considerably before I head back to do some shopping! I have my eye on a pair of high waisted blush trousers, as well as some buttery leather gloves. I'm also a huge fan of their sweaters (so cozy!), and their impressive sale section (of course). 

Are you feeling Club Monaco's aesthetic this season? I think it's one of their best yet!

xo Chloë

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Blush Blush Baby // OOTD

Who would have thought I would be wearing sleeveless dresses in November? And not a hint of black? Who am I? And what have I done with the real Chloë?! (real talk: I've been blonde for over a year now. I should not be this shocked to be wearing paler colours.)

OOTD blush knit dress and blush boots with Gucci disco bag

I met up with Natalie from Nataliastyle this week for a quick shoot before a media preview tour at Club Monaco (post coming up!) and we spent some time loitering on the roof of the Rideau Centre. We also ended up using my mirrorless Lumix camera with my new lens, since Natalie forgot her battery at home... I'm still playing around with the settings, but I think these shots turned out pretty well for an emergency backup!

OOTD blush knit dress and blush boots with Gucci disco bag
OOTD blush knit dress and blush boots with Gucci disco bag
OOTD blush knit dress and blush boots with Gucci disco bag

Aside from my trusty navy Gucci Disco Bag, these are new pieces. I had a Nordstrom Note to use up before it expired, so I bought this adorable knit midi dress by the brand Wayf for $50 - such a great purchase. This is an xs, and I love that it's not super bodycon. I'm also loving the way the blush colour looks against my skin and hair, and how surprisingly well it pairs with my new L'Intervalle boots. This shoe store is getting dangerous, guys and gals. I can't find this exact pair online, but they have lots of similar styles

OOTD blush knit dress and blush boots with Gucci disco bag
OOTD blush knit dress and blush boots with Gucci disco bag
OOTD blush knit dress and blush boots with Gucci disco bag
OOTD blush knit dress and blush boots with Gucci disco bag

Hope you're all adjusting to the chillier weather! Except for when it decides to be 15C in November, of course. I think I could adjust to that just fine! 

Also you may have noticed a new blog theme - you like?

xo Chloe


Monday, October 31, 2016


Can you believe it's already time for Sephora's end of year VIB Rouge sale? It feels like just yesterday that I was hemming and hawing over what would be practical to get with my 20% off coupon, and now here I am again. You see, I'm not big on holiday sets, and I'm kind of off eyeshadow palettes for the moment... so I usually take this opportunity to replenish my needs, rather than my wants. Take a look at what's in my cart so far this year:

 Beautyblender two.bb.clean ($52.00)

I'm a massive fan of the beautyblender, and currently rotate between two of them. But I recently read somewhere that you're supposed to replace them every 3 months (!!!), while both of mine have been around for well over a year... so perhaps time to invest in some new ones?
 Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel (5 pack - $20.00)

These are amazing. I've been using them for years, and get them every time there's a coupon code. Getting the bigger pack of 30 is a better deal, but $100 can be a little rich sometimes, so it's great they come in a 5 pack as well. These are great for when your skin needs a re-set after some tough times. 

Invisibobble (3 pack - $10.00)

I've heard you can get a cheap version of this at the dollar store, but I have yet to lay eyes on them there, so we're back again with the originals. These are amazing, and the 3 I already have are still going strong, so perhaps the dollar store ones aren't even worth it. Since I've started using these in place of my regular hair elastics, I've had no more snags, no more ponytail headaches, and no more elastic creases and dents. 

This has been on my to-try list for ages, and now that I've finally finished my Kiehl's Ultra Cleanser and my Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil, I think I can justify moving on to this for the winter. My skin has been all over the place lately, so I've been trying to keep my routine as simple as possible so as not to make things worse. This stuff has great reviews, and ingredients my skin loves. 

Smashbox Light It Up Primer Set ($44.00)

I'm already a huge fan of the Photo Finish Primer, so this set is kind of perfect for me. I've heard some good things about the Primer Water too, and am almost out of my Urban Decay All Nighter spray, so it's a perfect opportunity to try something new!

Sephora's VIB Rouge Sale (20% off!) runs from November 4-7, 2016 in store and online. Use the code 20ROUGE for online purchases. VIB members get 20% off from November 11-14, 2016 in store and online with the code 20VIB. 

Happy shopping!

xo Chloë


Monday, September 12, 2016

Blush & Berry // Trend Talk

blush pink inspiration

In case it was not yet obvious, I'm still smitten with blush (or are we shamelessly calling it "tumblr pink" now? I can't keep up). While I have yet to be smashingly successful in finding my dream pieces in this equally as dreamy hue, I've still been doing a great deal of window shopping. All of this hoping and planning has ultimately led me to the question of... how does one wear blush for fall? Further to this, how can I avoid falling into my typical black/white/grey trap? I think a cool, unexpected pairing would be a wine/berry colour, as they are both in the pink family. Tone on tone, you know? Below is a carefully curated look at some of my picks for mixing berry with blush: 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Fall Fashion #1 // Wishlist

Well, friends, it's that time of year again when I can't really decide whether I'm sad summer is ending or not. In years past, I haven't really been a sunshine-loving person (not that winter is my favourite either, by any means) but for some reason I'm feeling a bigger sense of loss over the end of summer 16. To make myself feel better, I've done a bit of online window shopping for my fall closet. I do need some new pieces to fill in some gaps, so why not start now? 

Zara blush coat

Zara Double-Breasted Coat

I just saw this in-store the other day, and fell in love. It's a soft blush colour, and the wool fabric feels soft and warm. Of course, this type of coat has a very short window of opportunity here in Canada before the real winter settles in, but I'd happily rock this until then!

Zara blush dress
Zara Oversized Dress

Obviously I'm on a bit of a blush theme here. I tried so hard to incorporate the colour into my wardrobe this summer, but all the pieces I was finding weren't quite right. The tone of blush, the style, etc. This colour is so soft that it's almost white, so I think this will work!

Zara high waisted carrot pants

Zara High Waisted Carrot (??) Trousers

I'm not sure what a carrot trouser is, but if you've known me long enough, you will know I'm all about the baggy high waisted pant look. I've been looking for a great cropped skinny ankle version for a while now, and these just may fit the bill. 

Aritzia Avery sweater

Aritzia Avery Sweater

You all know about my warm fuzzy feelings about Aritzia, so I don't really need to remind you. Their sweaters are the bomb, but kind of pricey... so if I were to drop some cash on a sweater there this season, this would be the one. 

Aritzia delbert skirt

Aritzia Delbert Skirt

I've never been a big fan of Aritzia's skirts, but this vegan suede number may have changed my mind. I've been wanting a new pencil skirt to wear to work aside from my basic black, and this one definitely has that something "extra".

Reformation Laura dress

Reformation Laura Dress

So I've never actually bought anything from Reformation before, so this is definitely more of a dream than anything. I've seen this dress on Danielle from We Wore What, and while she can make any clothes look amazing, I think this dress would be pretty cool on me too. Granted, I'm not sure where I would have the opportunity to wear a dress with such a deep v, but hey, you never know! 

L'intervalle tyson boot

L'Intervalle Tyson Boot

One of the CF Rideau Centre's new stores is Montreal-based shoe store L'Intervalle... and I'm obsessed. I saw these booties in-store a few days ago and have been dreaming of them ever since. My similar ones from Zara a few years ago are on death's door from being out in the salty snowbanks all winter, so I'm needing a replacement stat. 

So there you have it, part one of my fall wishlist. I say "part one" because let's be real, it's a never-ending process... 

Let me know in the comments what you're looking to buy this fall!

xo Chloë

Saturday, August 13, 2016

CF Rideau Centre Expansion Party + Simons Opening // Chat

Bloggers at CF Rideau Centre in Ottawa

I'm exhausted. The good kind, but still. What a week it has been! So hold on to your hats, this is going to be a long one!

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to have been invited to a media preview of the new Simons department store, as part of the major expansion project at the Rideau Centre. If you're not familiar with Simons... well... you've been missing out! It's a 176 year old family-run business, catering to the budget friendly, high end, and everything in between. It was always at the top of my "must see" list every time I went to Montreal! They carry a huge variety of designers and brands, but my favourites are their Icone and Contemporaine house brands, as well as their vast accessories section. I'd say their hat game is pretty strong right now, to be honest... 

Simons Ottawa hat

CEO Peter Simons media preview Simons Ottawa
CEO Peter Simons 

Cool Twik bomber jackets at Simons Ottawa

Cool hat with eyes at Simons Ottawa

Chloe xochloegordon and Chantal Chantsy at Simons Ottawa
Me with fellow blogger Chantal! Photo by Julie @trysmallthings

CEO Peter Simons took us on a private tour of the new two-storey, 100 000 square foot store, and he seemed equally as excited as we were that this was finally happening. He told us that he's been wanting to get a store in Ottawa for 15 years! Granted, there is a new-ish store in Gatineau, but it's kind of a hike from our side of the river, and the mall that it's in isn't that big of a draw. This new location is stunning, with beautiful art installations and that crisp white interior that I know all bloggers love ;) 

Photo courtesy of Simons

Photo courtesy of Simons

Photo courtesy of Simons

Somewhat related (but mostly not), this store IS lacking in a cool, neutral-but-architectural exterior conducive to outfit shots, since it's in the mall and they had little control over that part of the design. For example, the Simons in Gatineau is a prime blogger OOTD spot, as its exterior wall is a cool textured white. Granted, there is a big white wall on the fourth floor at the top of the Centre Court escalators that isn't terrible, so all is not lost!

OOTD at Simons Ottawa

It was at this event that the lovely Chantal of Mode XLusive offered to add me as her plus one to the CF Rideau Centre "The Reveal" party - I guess my invitation had gotten lost in the mail ;) They actually ended up sending me an invitation the morning of, so I guess Chantal's email to the PR firm made them say hmmmm.... All of a sudden, I had less than 24 hours to figure out what the heck cocktail chic meant! I went with a dress from Boutique 1861 that I've had sitting in my closet with the tags still on for at least a year now. Finally, somewhere to wear this gorgeous dress! I arrived kind of early (my Uber was unexpectedly efficient) and had to make small talk with strangers, something that is getting a bit easier for me (thank goodness!). Eventually, some familiar faces showed up, and I spent the evening chatting with them, meeting some new faces, and wandering around on my own. 

Entrance to the VIP area... so pretty!

With Emilie from DearEmilieG, Kay from Country Meet City, and Daniele from DMKontrast

#zaradrunk with Emilie

With Emily from What Emily Said, Emilie from DearEmilieG, and Kay from Country Meet City

Dominique from Style Domination, Emilie from Paremilie, yours truly, Jessica from Bytown and Bloor, Emily from What Emily Said, and Coralie from Coralie's Closet

Highlights of the expansion include a two-storey H&M, Anthropologie, a two-storey Zara, the candy store Squish, Massimo Dutti, NYX Cosmetics, and my new favourite shoe store, L'Intervalle. At the launch party, we had the opportunity to roam around through all the stores, and shop if the mood struck. It was also an open bar, so I fully value and will never forget the first (and last) time I got to drink red wine while shopping in Zara.  

I have to say, this is a massively exciting development for Ottawa. Ottawa is a huge tourist destination year-round, especially the downtown core. While it has majorly improved in the past five years or so, I have always felt a bit of embarrassment that the Rideau Centre was all we had to offer. To finally have our downtown mall be the "it" spot to go is wonderful. We're on our way up, friends!

Now to share the love - please go say hello to my blogger friends, some new, some old:

Emilie from DearEmilieG
Julie from Try Small Things
Chantal from Mode XLusive
Kay from Country Meet City
Daniele and Michel from DMKontrast
Emily from Best of This Life
Katie from YOW City Style
Dominique from Style Domination
Emily from What Emily Said
Emilie from paremilie
Jessica from Bytown and Bloor
Coralie from Coralie's Closet
Symone from Screativestudios
Marilou from Twenty York Street
Kristina from Kouture Kitten
Jenn J on YouTube 

A huge thanks to CF Rideau Centre for putting on such a great party, and to Simons for such a great media preview! 

xo Chloë
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