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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I ♥︎ Cleansing Balms | Beauty Talk

It's no secret that I love skincare. I adore it. My skin hates me, but I love it, so I'm very gentle and I'm very careful with it. 

But there has always been something about cleansing balms that both intrigued me and intimidated me. Is slathering grease (essentially) all over my face really an effective cleansing method? Will this break me out? What if this actually works?

Fast forward to the end of this story: turns out, I really like cleansing balms. 
REN's No.1 Purity Cleaning Balm and The Body Shop's Camomile Cleansing Butter

My two main squeezes - if we can call them that - are the REN Rosa Centifolia No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm and the Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. Balm, butter - it's all a pot of grease in the end! 

The REN balm is considerably more expensive than the Body Shop butter - $60 CDN vs $16 CDN - and honestly not different enough to warrant owning both in my opinion. Both are absolutely lovely, but I really only need one. 

REN's No.1 Purity Cleaning Balm and The Body Shop's Camomile Cleansing Butter

REN is slightly thicker - and stays thicker - than the Body Shop. It feels wonderful on my skin, emulsifies and cleanses beautifully, but I will say that it burns like a b*tch if you get it in your eyes. The Body Shop version melts down a bit more as you massage it into your face, a bit like vegetable shortening. I know, weird comparison, but it's grease. 

Shea butter figures high on the ingredient list for both options, as well as a variety of oils and other emollients. Full ingredient lists can be viewed through the links I've posted above! Overall, the REN balm has a heavier feeling to it than the Body Shop butter, but neither have caused any breakouts for me!

I use both of these as a first cleanse in the evening, sometimes throwing in a little facial massage, then wiping everything off afterward with a wet facecloth. Balms and butters are fantastic for removing makeup, but I find they need to be followed with a lighter cleansing milk in order to ensure all remaining residue is removed. 

Have you tried cleansing balms or butters? What do you think?

xo Chloë


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Coming Soon: Topshop in Ottawa!

My dear readers, the day has almost arrived. Topshop will be (finally!) touching down in Ottawa, and I couldn't be happier! I first discovered the glory of Topshop while on exchange in the UK in high school, and was devastated when its eventual Canadian locations turned out to be limited to Toronto and other larger cities... until now! 

It was announced in May that a Topshop would be part of the Hudson's Bay renovations, and after pestering their social media for a few days, they came back to me with a solid date for their pop-up shop at the Rideau Centre: October 8! The full store is set to open by the end of November, but gosh I'm quite certain I can do some damage at a pop-up location in the mean time!

In celebration of this sartorial development, below are some of my fall picks I'm hoping to check out!

Do you have your eye on anything from Topshop for fall? I love how reasonable their prices are, for such fun and stylish pieces. Can you tell I'm excited?! I'll be there bright and early on October 8! 

xo Chloë

Monday, September 7, 2015

Fall Wishlist Update

You may remember a few posts ago, I mused on what should/could become some new additions to my fall wardrobe. Well, I have a bit of an update to report - an addition to the list, and something that has been checked off. 

The addition: suede over-the-knee boots. I read an article on Who What Wear about the Saint Laurent Babies boots and instantly fell in love. Well, not with the price tag. So my quest has begun to find reasonably priced dupes, and right now my eye is on the Steve Madden Gorgeous boots that are now on pre-order on their site. I'm a bit wary of the height of the heel, so I think I'll try to track these down in-store for a try-on. There's also a version by Zara, but I don't think they go quite "over" the knee as much as I would like... ah the struggle of not wanting to spend $1000+ on a pair of boots...

The AllSaints Addison jacket is still tops on my list. Again, something that requires a try-on, so I'm hoping to make my way to their store at Toronto's Yorkdale shopping centre in the near future. I know, it's a long way to go for a jacket... but a nice Toronto trip is always a good idea :)

As for that striped dress... it's more to demonstrate my ideal outfit using the two pieces I'm currently lusting after the most. It's Valentino and stupid expensive, but so adorable. 

So the item I have crossed off my list: high waisted black pants. Unsurprisingly, I found my perfect pair at Aritzia. The Gustav pant is amazing. 

OOTD ft. Aritzia's Gustav high waisted trouser

OOTD ft. Aritzia's Gustav high waisted trouser

This whole pant obsession is thanks to a little movie I saw called Begin Again with Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo (<3). Her pants and outfits were always on point, especially a look featuring a high waisted loose trouser such as this. I had to replicate it. 

Have you managed to check anything off your fall wishlist yet? I find myself adding more and more with every September issue magazine I flip through... and all these Labour Day sales sure aren't helping things! 

xo Chloë


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Late Summer Stripes | OOTD

Oh hi, it's me in stripes again! Try and contain your surprise. In case you're new, I'm a bit of a stripes fanatic. It's serious. 

Since summer is winding down (sob!) I wanted to share a decidedly "late summer" OOTD - short shorts and a loose long-sleeved top. This is my jam. 

OOTD with Aritzia high waisted denim shorts, striped Zara top, vintage Coach bag, Warby Parker Crossfield glasses, and Daniel Wellington watch

I surprised myself by loving these shorts so much this summer. I thought I was too old to be prancing around in high-waisted denim shorts, but here I am. Granted, I was doing a whole lot of manual labour at our new cottage this summer, so pretty shorts would not have survived. Denim was my best friend in summer 2015. For further proof, see my extensive collection of overalls...

OOTD with Aritzia high waisted denim shorts, striped Zara top, vintage Coach bag, Warby Parker Crossfield glasses, and Daniel Wellington watch

OOTD with Aritzia high waisted denim shorts, striped Zara top, vintage Coach bag, Warby Parker Crossfield glasses, and Daniel Wellington watch

You're also seeing a peek here of my new hair - sort of. I've gone back to ombre, but it's much more serious this time. These shots were taken before my second round at the salon, so there is a strong brassiness to my ends that (thankfully) doesn't exist anymore. If you follow me on Instagram (or ever look at the widget at the top of this page!) you'll have a better idea of what my hair situation currently is. 

Stuff - 

Shirt - Zara, really old
Shorts - Aritzia (no longer available)
Sandals - H&M
Watch - Daniel Wellington (link!)
Bag - Coach (vintage)
Sunglasses - Warby Parker (link!)

Can you believe it's September already? What are you most looking forward to about fall?

xo Chloë
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