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Friday, May 22, 2015

Beauty Talk | Brows & Nails

I've done two beauty-related things this week that I had never done before, and while a tad overwhelming it has also been a great learning experience for me. I'm not very well-versed in terms of beauty procedures - like waxing, manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. - so for me to jump in twice in one week is pretty groundbreaking! 

So, I got my eyebrows threaded. I was 100% done with having eyebrow breakouts after waxing, so I decided to try something else. Also, my brows were getting pretty scary, so I needed to do something with them, stat. I ended up at the Kurves brow kiosk in the mall, something I had often peered curiously at while walking by but never seriously considered. This was not my first choice - the place I wanted to try couldn't fit me in for a walk-in, so this was my backup. Quick hit: hurts the same as waxing, but doesn't yank off an entire layer of skin (score!), takes under 5 minutes, and is super inexpensive. I think I'm a convert. 

A selfie showing newly threaded eyebrows.

I have no "before" photos of my caterpillars (why would I want to document that?), but they were bad. This is the "after", after some Anastasia Dipbrow in Medium Brown. My right brow is a bit thinner than I would like, but honestly I think I'm the only person who would ever notice it. For under $15 with a tip, this is magic. Brows are officially back on fleek

Second beauty risk/experiment this week: a gel manicure. I was with my cousin when she got one done and have been curious ever since. I decided to give it a go, as I'm the worst at keeping nail polish on, but love the look of a nice clean manicure. Also, I'm travelling next week and don't want to look like a shlub. It was a tad pricey, but it's supposed to last for two weeks, which would be nothing short of a miracle for me. Let's do it. 

Gel manicure in In Bloom.

Gel manicure in In Bloom.

I got my manicure at the Upkeep Shoppe in Little Italy, and it was absolutely lovely. My manicurist was so thorough with my cuticles and nail shaping, it was so worth the price (and nice tip!). My nails still look amazing, even in the wake of the purple Manic Panic mishap I had last night... Let's just say my "In Bloom" pink creme nails have a slight lilac tinge to them now. They were much worse until I discovered an absolutely brilliant trick to get most of the dye out: hairspray! Now there's just a hint of purple and are almost good as new. Thanks, Internet! 

Have you ever threaded your eyebrows? How about gel/shellac nails? Are they worth it?

xo Chloë



  1. That is literally the colour that i have chosen to paint my nails later tonight! Great minds haha :). And I adore every single accessory in this post, specially the gold cuff!


    1. Great minds indeed! It's a great neutral pink, and I'm actually shocked I'm not sick of it yet!

  2. love your nail colour!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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