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Monday, May 18, 2015

Be Wine

I've gone a bit out of my comfort zone and purchased white denim. Granted, my original goal had been full length white jeans, but I saw these shorts at Aritzia and when I tried them on with a beautiful knit crop top that I am currently obsessed with... well, I felt like Beyonce. And you can't really put a price on that (but actually, $125 for the outfit, because ahem, Beyonce). So here's an outfit that's half Beyonce, and half single cat dog lady.

OOTD ft. Stay Home Club "Be Wine" t-shirt, Aritzia Azure Skies shorts, Mansur Gavriel bucket, and Forever21 espadrilles

BE WINE. Is there a greater shirt in this universe? This is by the Stay Home Club from Victoire on Dalhousie. It's kind of enormous (one size does not always fit all!) so I've been either tucking it in like crazy, or wearing it as a sleep shirt since it practically goes down to my knees. Both are perfectly acceptable in my books, as it broadens the functionality, thus decreasing cost per wear. Multipurpose is the best purpose! Bonus: it fits well within my new personal goal to wear more white this summer! It hasn't been until recently that I've noticed how much black and navy I wear year-round. I mean, it's one thing to wear neutrals often, but my black/navy love is getting a bit out of control, and they're not the most summery hues. I'm not a huge colour person in general, but I need to branch out!

OOTD ft. Stay Home Club "Be Wine" t-shirt, Aritzia Azure Skies shorts, Mansur Gavriel bucket, and Forever21 espadrilles

I'm also going to throw some love at these shoes - crazy cheap at Forever21. I'm talking 14 bucks cheap, and zero breaking-in time needed. They're my first pair of espadrilles, and my first F21 shoes in a long while, and I'm kind of in love! Their game has been upped, big time. I ended up with two other pairs of shoes from there as well... not nearly as comfy, but incredibly stylish and a great price too! Yes, they're identical except for the shiny disco colour vs. grandma black. Once I find something I like, there's no stopping me. 
New shoes from Forever21 - a pair of espadrilles and two pairs of pointed loafers

Outfit stuff and shoes:

T-Shirt - Stay Home Club via Victoire (link!)
Shorts - Azure Skies @ Aritzia (link!)
Bag - Mansur Gavriel (link!)
Shoes - Forever21 (similar)
Other shoes - Forever21 Faux Leather Pointed Loafers (link!)

What are some of your summer fashion goals? 

xo Chloë


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