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Monday, February 9, 2015

OOTD | Sweaters and Miniskirts

If there is such thing as clothing detox, please point me in the right direction because I am quite certain I am addicted to this sweater. It's becoming a problem. Because ideally, I would wear it every day, however that's kind of gross and not the most exciting. But I just keep on reaching for it. Even in warmer weather, I was all over it. I can't be stopped.

OOTD ft. Zara lace skirt, Aritzia Babaton Erin sweater, Rag & Bone Noelle booties, and a Coach crossbody bag
It feels like ages ago that I was down south in the sunshine, so it's a nice feeling to be writing about an outfit that's not essentially just a huge coat (although my leopard coat from Aritzia will be making an appearance on here soon!). I've had this mini skirt for ages, and it has turned out to be a fantastic Zara sale steal. One of my favourite bloggers, Laura from Buynow/Bloglater, had purchased the skirt and shown it in an OOTD post. I wasn't crazy about it at that point, but when I saw it in store I figured I'd give it a go, since it was so deeply discounted by that point. Needless to say, it came home with me and has been well-loved!

OOTD ft. Aritzia Babaton Erin sweater, Warby Parker Reilly sunglasses, and Tiffany Diamonds by the Yard and Anthropologie necklaces
My accessories were pretty minimal for my whole trip, so you'll be seeing the same things quite often in these OOTD posts. While down in Sarasota, I purchased a beautiful necklace from Anthropologie with some Christmas money, and found that it pairs amazingly with my Tiffany & Co. Diamonds by the Yard pendant. I'm also wearing my rings from Victoire, a local boutique in Ottawa. These have pretty much been on my fingers since I bought them, so I'm declaring them as official "mainstays" of my collection. 

OOTD ft. Zara lace skirt, Aritzia Babaton Erin sweater, Rag & Bone Noelle booties, and a Coach crossbody bag
I'm not sure how I ended up deciding on socks with peep-toe booties, but if I remember correctly it was more functional than fashionable. I have yet to break in the toe-box of one of the shoes, so on went the socks! I actually kind of love it - it adds a touch of rock and roll to an otherwise quite tame outfit. Not that I'm particularly rock and roll, but I'm certainly not that tame, either...

OOTD ft. Zara lace skirt, Aritzia Babaton Erin sweater, Rag & Bone Noelle booties, and a Coach crossbody bag

Something tells me I'll be repeating this outfit this summer (or more likely this spring) when the weather is hovering around 20C. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it's too hot to wear my beloved sweater, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. 


Skirt - Zara (really old!)

Sweater - Aritzia - Babaton Erin (link!)
Boots - Rag and Bone Noelle (link!)
Socks - Aritzia (link!)
Bag - Coach Factory (similar here)
Sunglasses - Warby Parker Reilly (link!)
Rings - Victoire (link!)
Necklaces - Anthropologie (no longer available) & Tiffany (link!)
Watch - Michael Kors (link!)

I suspect you've all noticed that my blog has a new look. I'd love to know what you all think - I adore it! It was time for a change (and an upgrade!) so I thought I would bite the bullet and buy a custom template on Etsy. The seller I bought from is here and she has loads of Blogger and Wordpress templates to choose from. Also top-notch tech support :) Highly recommend! 

xo Chloë

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