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Saturday, February 14, 2015

On My Face | Same Old, Same Old

I feel like I've fallen into a face/base/foundation rut, but it's one of those ruts that really isn't all that bad and could be infinitely worse. Inevitably I will end up trying something my face hates, thus sparking a breakout or two... I can't help myself sometimes. But until then, I'll sit here happily with my Chantecaille Just Skin and my Makeup Forever Face & Body foundation, thank you very much. 

My foundation rut, including Chantecaille Just Skin, Makeup Forever Face and Body, and Louise Young's LY34 Super Foundation Brush!

The newest part of my routine - and not by much, since my Just Skin is pretty recent too - is this foundation brush by Louise Young. I'd read numerous raves about it on primarily UK blogs, and my interest was piqued. Louise Young isn't available in Canada, so once I had decided to bite the bullet, I held my breath and ordered this through Beauty Bay, which *ahem* doesn't have the best reputation in terms of customer service. Happily, my order did not mysteriously disappear in-transit and I am now the proud owner of the Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush. Holy moly is this thing ever enormous. It's huuuuuge. And it takes about half the time to get my foundation over and done with, because ain't nobody got time for that. 

Granted, I've only really used it with these two foundations, both of which are very light coverage. Foundation for people with pretty decent skin, which happens to be me at this point in time (yaaaaaaaasssss), so I cannot really say one way or another how this fares with a thicker formula. 

My favourite thing about this monster-brush is that it does everything. It spreads foundation like a flat/paddle brush, and buffs it like a flat top brush. All in one brush. Perhaps this is a tad premature and dramatic, but this is akin to a makeup miracle in my books. 

I'm currently looking at the new NARS foundation to try this with, but I'm a bit apprehensive because of my disastrous experience with NARS Sheer Glow. If only more brands had expanded shade ranges for their foundations. I have so much hope that Lisa Eldridge will help a sister out in her new gig at Lancome, but until then, it's slim pickings for me :(

xo Chloë

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