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Friday, August 8, 2014

OOTD: Yoga Style & Downward Dogs

Something you may not know about me is that I love yoga. I have class that I love that I go to every week, and it just makes everything infinitely better. My flexibility, while not terrible to begin with as I have a dance background, has improved as well as my overall strength and tone. Yoga is definitely my jam. 

Something I found a bit difficult to navigate at first was what to wear. Much like wearing the proper clothing while sweating on the Stairmaster or doing deadlifts, the functionality of your yoga clothing is really important. After nearly two years of dedication to my yoga practice, I've come to learn a lot about what I like, don't like, and need in my yoga wear... and I think I've finally found everything I've been looking for.

Typical yoga outfit ft. Lululemon groove short and a loose top

For starters, I hate wearing long yoga pants. I'm a heavy sweater, so having long pants on just makes things worse. I've experimented with crops (still too sweaty most of the time), and some pretty short booty-shorts (imminent danger of wardrobe malfunctions for open-legs poses) and I've finally settled on this bike-length short from Lululemon. I believe Aritzia does a short in a similar length, but there's something really nice about the fabric and shape of these shorts that I really love. The inseam is long enough to ensure full coverage, even when in poses like pigeon, but short enough to ensure I keep cool.

Downward dog in my favourite yoga outfit ft. Lululemon

I'm not as picky about what I wear on top, but this shirt from Aritzia's TNA line really does it for me. I have quite a few tight and strappy yoga tops, which I'll sometimes layer under this one, but to be honest I really love the loose and flowy feel of the fabric, and how it looks in contrast to the tight shorts. It's airy enough to be cool, but offers enough coverage that I don't get cold during Shavasana. It can ride up in poses like downward dog (my goodness are my hamstrings ever tight today!) but it's nothing a decent sports bra underneath can't fix. Nobody's looking at you during yoga anyway. Or they shouldn't be, at least.

Lululemon Groove Short

I realize short spandex shorts are not everyone's cup of tea, but after trying essentially everything else, they're my #1 choice for yoga. The Gap makes a great cropped legging, while Aritzia does some good and inexpensive full length leggings as well. It's all about your own comfort - if what you're wearing for yoga doesn't feel quite right, then change it! 

Shorts - Lululemon Groove Short (link)

Top - Aritzia Del Mar t-shirt (link)
Yoga mat - Nike

I feel like there's such a space in the market for workout clothes right now - Lululemon is (sadly) on its way down, but some other brands like The Gap and Joe Fresh are really stepping up their game. What's your favourite yoga or workout gear? Anything completely random that you were pleasantly surprised by?

xo Chloë

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