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Friday, July 4, 2014

Clothing Rack Inspiration: Accessories Edition

I love the way clothing racks look - when properly arranged and curated, of course. Last month I finally took the plunge and shelled out a whopping $13 for a rack from IKEA. It's now nestled nicely in a corner of my bedroom and is home to the pieces that are inspiring me the most right now. 

My most inspirational piece at this very moment? A new handbag. I am fully aware that I just posted a video about my handbag collection, but here I am with a new one already... Granted, it's majorly budget-friendly, so I don't feel too guilty about it. Or guilty at all, for that matter. It's lovely, inexpensive, and I regret nothing. 

Express handbag chanel quilted chain strap shoulder bag haul fashion

So you may be noticing the same thing I did when I first laid eyes on this beauty while poking around in Express: my goodness, is this bag ever Chanel-inspired. My dream bag is a black caviar Medium Classic Flap by Chanel, but I am years and a few thousand dollars away from that... so this will definitely fill that void for now, especially for a price tag of only $50. I opted for the blush colour, because I have nothing like it already, and the hardware is silver, which is my preference. I'm very pleasantly surprised by how nice this bag is, and being my first ever purchase from Express, I'd say it has earned them some repeat shopping trips!

ootd Express handbag chanel quilted chain strap shoulder bag haul fashion

See how fancy I look? It totally ups the game of any outfit. My dress is Forever 21 and my shoes are Target, but I think I look like a million bucks ;) Not that you can't look "expensive" while on a budget, but it certainly is more of a challenge! 

My other most-inspiring piece right now is a necklace from Zara. I have had my eye on this for months, and finally snagged it... about a week before the big sale started. So I'm a little ticked off about that, but it wasn't all that expensive to begin with so it could have been worse.

Zara chain chunky necklace gold silver sale

I love the half and half of the metals, and it's great for people like me who love the way gold jewelry looks on other people, but are a little bit iffy about wearing it themselves. I'm pretty strictly silver, so this is a great opportunity to play around a bit while still having my silver security blanket ;) 

Are there any pieces you're inspired by right now? If you have a clothing rack, how do you organize it?

xo Chloë

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