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Sunday, March 9, 2014

OOTD: Lady in Blues

As I have been saying repeatedly over the past few months, I'm having a serious blue phase. A serious, not kidding around, maybe a little bit obsessive blue phase. Almost all of my newest tops and blouses are blue. This skirt is blue. This bag is blue. Everything is blue. I love it, and I regret nothing. So to wrap up this delightful series of OOTDs featuring this fabulous Façonnable skirt, here is an equally delightful blue outfit (save for the shoes) (note to self: invest in some navy blue shoes). 

OOTD midi skirt Façonnable Zara outfit pashli phillip lim fashionista

This is a straight-up workwear outfit - more so than the previous post, and much, much more so than the crop top outfit. There's nothing edgy or potentially offensive here, but it's still super chic and totally fabulous, if I do say so myself. I'm so excited for warmer spring weather so I can finally wear this outfit to work - I've been waiting so patiently, but it's still below zero and up to my knees with snow. Oh, Canada.

I was a little bit worried about pairing my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli with the skirt and top, as it's such a unique blue that I feared it could (gasp) clash with the whole feel of the outfit. I think it goes very well, while still standing out with its unique colour. The structured shape of it really matches the ladylike vibe too - I'm really digging it.

OOTD midi skirt Façonnable Zara outfit pashli phillip lim fashionista

I guess you've figured out by now that I'm obsessed with this skirt, so there's really no point getting into it again. I love it, you're going to see it a lot, I'm sorry that I'm not sorry. We can talk about this top a bit more though. I got this in the post-Christmas Zara sale and was absolutely terrified that it was going to be enormous, even in an x-small. Full disclosure: I loathe trying things on in-store and avoid it at all costs. Thus, I did not try this on. It definitely is a bigger fit, with a lot of fabric happening under the sleeves/armpit area, but I really like the way it blouses and flows with high-waisted skirts like this one. The tie at the neck is pretty cute too - but must be tied tight, or else there is definitely a risk of wardrobe malfunctions involving less than appropriate amounts of cleavage. Oops. 

Skirt -- Façonnable
Blouse -- Zara
Shoes -- Zara
Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim Medium Pashli in Lapiz blue/black
Bracelet - Tiffany and Co.

What did you think of this "one piece 3 ways" series? Any other types of pieces you'd like to see different ways (i.e. crop tops, oversized cardigans, etc)? Hopefully once the weather starts cooperating I can go back to  my outdoor photos and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. 

xo Chloë

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