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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Urban Decay Shadow Box, a Forgotten Treasure

A few months ago I discovered this Urban Decay palette, the Shadow Box, in the sale section of Sephora.com for $12, so obviously, into the cart it went. This purchase came at the same time as my beloved LORAC Pro palette, so simply due to bad timing, I've been neglecting this palette and not giving it the love it deserves. That stops today, hopefully, with this swatch post; I'm reminded of how much I liked most of the eyeshadows (even bright ones!), and am now resolving to use this baby much more often. Let's do it. 

Like I said, this palette was $12 online, and while I don't currently see it on sephora.com, it has made some spontaneous appearances in the months since my purchase. It is entirely likely that it may pop up again, so keep an eye out. The packaging is the usual for Urban Decay - fun and funky, although I could do without the velvet (touching it gives me the creeps). I'm really into the chainmail detail though, as well as the royal purple. It definitely stands out in my palette drawer, that's for sure. 

The palette contains nine eyeshadows, three of which are natural warm browns, while the other six offer a bit more excitement and impact. The colour names are Fishnet, Honey, Ransom, Graffiti, Zero, Peace, Shag, Scratch, and Underground, some of which have been or are currently available in single eyeshadows as well. I don't own any of Urban Decay's single shadows, so unfortunately I'm unable to compare them with their palette siblings, but if they're anything alike the singles must be pretty darn good! 

Urban Decay Shadow Box Swatches

Urban Decay Shadow Box Swatches

To be completely honest, all of these eyeshadows deliver great pigmentation and colour. The quality is there across the board. I haven't dabbled too much in the brights as of yet, but I've done some simple daytime looks with the browns and they were extremely easy to work with. As I have stupidly oily eyelids, eyeshadow meltdown is a daily reality for me, no matter what eye primer I use. That being the case, I can't really comment à-la-Temptalia about how long they wear for, because I'm quite certain my eyes are the exception, rather than the rule. 

So when it comes down to it, this little gem was absolutely worth the $12 I paid. Now to actually use it more often... and not just the browns! I'm a terrible wimp when it comes to bright eyeshadow, so I might have to dig into the xSparkage archives for some inspiration (and courage) as to what the heck I'm supposed to do with these. Wish me luck!

xo Chloë

p.s Just now realizing this is my second Urban Decay post in a row. Oops. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Urban Decay and My Lips But Better

Before delving in to this post, I must apologize for being absent for the last little while. I had every intention of getting this post, and many others, up much sooner, but I've been quite ill for the past week or so and barely able to look at my computer, let alone type up a blog post. So in true comeback fashion (?) here's a little Urban Decay haul!

urban decay haul revolution naked lipstick all nighter setting spray

 I used some of the Sephora gift card I got for Christmas to get these goodies, and I'm very very happy with my choices! I spent a good 10 minutes in front of the Urban Decay display, swatching their new Revolution lipsticks and hemming and hawing. I finally settled on a delightfully boring "my lips but better" shade: Naked. Nothing else jumped out at me in the display (that I could justify, that is), so off I went to the checkout, where I saw the travel size of the All Nighter setting spray, something I'd been meaning to try for a while now. 

urban decay haul revolution naked lipstick all nighter setting spray

I've been wearing the lipstick a whole lot, and I have absolutely zero complaints! It's hydrating and lasts quite a while on my lips, and since it's one of those colours that blends in to my lips so well, it's not painfully obvious when it's time to re-apply. Since I'm such a wimp when it comes to bright lip colours, those are all major things on my lipstick checklist. If I had an actual lipstick checklist, beyond just "do I like it? Yes? No? Ok." of course... Perhaps an actual checklist would prevent me from impulse buying lip products, which I am incredibly prone to doing. Hmmm... 

urban decay haul revolution naked lipstick swatch

urban decay haul revolution naked lipstick swatch lip

On a related note, I'm super stoked about how awesome my skin looks in this photo. I'm happy to report I've had no major zit activity in quite a while, so that's a huge improvement. But as is the case with acne-prone skin, there's always something. I still have blackheads, red bumps, and scarring, but to be in a zit dry-spell is quite the dream come true! 

Have you tried the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks? Do you have a go-to "my lips but better" lipstick?

xo Chloë

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

OOTD: Midi Skirts and Crop Tops

Before you shout at me about crop tops in January, no, I did not actually wear this outside today. I'm not sure if this is solely because I just didn't bother going outside today at all, or if my practical side would have intervened and shouted at me on your behalf... Hmmm... Anyhow, this is the first of - count 'em - three takes on this fabulous navy Façonnable midi skirt I bought at Marshalls last week. As this is my first attempt at styling a midi skirt, I thought I'd shop my closet a bit and come up with some outfits that will be ready to go once the weather starts to warm up a bit (haha!) in the coming months. 

crop top midi skirt OOTD outfit of the day

When I first saw this skirt, I was really into it but worried it would look frumpy or dowdy, especially as I'm on the petite side of things (5'4) and have short-ish legs. So, I dropped any ideas I had about wearing a jacket or blazer with the skirt, and went in the complete opposite direction: an almost bra-top-like crop top with a ridiculously gorgeous statement necklace, a leopard clutch, and funky heels. I dare you to call this outfit frumpy. 

As you know, I have a wall of heels in my closet, but am a perpetual wimp when it comes to actually wearing them outside. This skirt is going to force my hand a bit, because heels are 100% necessary for a skirt this length. Flats just won't cut it. In a perfect world, I'd be wearing Saint Laurent's Jane sandals (see here) with this outfit, but alas, they are stupidly expensive and I cannot afford them. I've been trying to track down a good "dupe" of them, and the closest I've come is the pair put out by Zara last summer, which were sadly way too narrow for my feet. 

crop top midi skirt OOTD outfit of the day

Skirt: Façonnable via Marshalls ($50!)
Crop Top: American Apparel
Shoes: Mango
Clutch: J. Crew
Necklace: Zara

I'm already head over heels (har har!) for this skirt. It was not difficult at all to quickly come up with three different outfits for it, so I think with a bit more digging around in my closet, I'll find even more options. Be sure to check back soon (or, even better, give my blog a follow!) to see the two other outfits I put together! 

How would you wear a midi skirt? Have you hopped on this trend bandwagon, or are you staying far away?

xo Chloë

Friday, January 3, 2014


There isn't much to this post other than to say that I succumbed to the allure of Zara's winter sale. It's unavoidable and I crumbled under the pressure. To be fair, I only got two things (fistpump) not including the separate order from Zara Home (errrr...) so I didn't go too crazy, and I really like what I did get. The best thing about Zara's sales are how good the markdowns can be on SO MUCH STUFF! They basically want to get rid of everything, so it all goes on sale. Meanwhile, sale-rack lurkers like myself are all too happy to take their unwanted items off their hands at a reduced price. It's a major win-win. 

Let's start with the bag, because... obviously. This bag caught my eye immediately during my preliminary scroll of the sale page. I was intrigued because it's suede and leather, navy blue, and was marked down to $80 from $130. Basically ticked all the boxes in what I currently look for in a bag. So, into the cart it went! It ended up being absolutely lovely in real life. A tiny bit smaller than I was expecting, but still roomy and perfect. This is a major score, and I'm really really pleased with it!

As for the blouse, I've been stalking this poor thing for a couple of months now, ever since I saw it on Laura's blog Buy Now, Blog Later. As you may or may not know, I think she is wonderful and shamelessly beauty and fashion stalk her, a fact which actually led her to one of my videos, and ultimately to commenting and subscribing to me. Pretty sure she could hear me scream all the way in Dubai when I got the notification that she had commented and subscribed. Anyway, I digress. This blouse. It looked perfect on her, and I'm having a rather intense "blue period" right now, so I decided I needed it in my life ASAP. Ultimately, it was too expensive (at its original price) for me to justify, so I resigned myself to the idea that it would never be mine. But, alas... the Zara sale. Under $50. Mine. I'm worried though, because I got it in an extra small, and it looks enormous to me. I have yet to try it on though, so hopefully looks are deceiving. 

Other than these two lovely bits, I purchased a new duvet cover and pillowcases for my bed from Zara Home's equally amazing sale. It was rather impulsive, as it's incredibly difficult to match colours and patterns online, however it worked out fabulously and I'm thrilled with the final result. I'll save that for another post though. Or, if you're on Instagram, I posted a photo of the new look on my account, @xochloegordon. So if you're really curious, you can go check that out. 

Until next time, mes belles!

xo Chloë

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve Outfit + Plans for 2014!

Happy New Year, my beauties! What a strange and action-packed year 2013 was - and I have even bigger hopes and expectations for 2014. This is going to be my year, and I'm going to make things happen! I'm not really one for serious New Year's resolutions, but in general I'm all about trying to make each year better and brighter than the last, and for some reason I have a really, really good feeling about 2014. And I don't mean to brag, but I'm usually right about these kinds of things ;)

I had a quiet New Year's Eve, but that doesn't mean I didn't dress up, because I absolutely did. I took the opportunity to send my secondhand Alexander Wang dress on its maiden voyage, and it certainly did not disappoint! The shimmer and glimmer of the dress was perfect for the occasion, and I felt very festive and in-the-moment. I paired it with all black, since the dress needed tights, and my only pair in decent condition are black. So, on went a black blazer and black shoes! I did have a bit of extra sparkle with my clutch, so I didn't totally play it safe. 

As for my plans for this year, one of my top priorities will be becoming much more consistent with my blogging and YouTube-ing. I have such a hectic work schedule that it's hard to find time, but I'm going to make the time. I really love creating content and coming up with new ideas to share with you all, so there you have it, my declaration that I will be more active on here! As for other, less serious resolutions, I do have a new video on my YouTube channel in which I discuss my Beauty Resolutions for the new year. I have quite a few and it's going to be tough to stick to them all, but I'm going to do my best! 

My outfit:

Dress - Alexander Wang via Buffalo Exchange in Manhattan
Blazer - H&M
Shoes - Zara
Tights - Target
Clutch - Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs
Jewelry - Tiffany & Co. (bracelet), gift (rings), LittleGlamour via Etsy (necklace and earrings)

As for my makeup, I'm pretty disappointed that the dark and sparkly smokey eye I did isn't showing up here. Darn these hooded eyes! I finally used the black/blue sparkle Barry M dazzle dust I bought while I was in the UK, paired with MACs Vex, along some more normal shades from my LORAC Pro palette. It was pretty badass if I do say so myself, and the fact that it has gone undocumented has me pretty bummed out. 

I hope you all had a fun, safe, and happy new year, and that you're as optimistic about 2014 as I am! Things are on the upward swing, I just know it :) In a last-ditch effort at self-promotion (which I am absolutely terrible at, in case you hadn't noticed!) I would love it if you would kick off the new year by following me on any social media platforms you use. I'm turning into a bit of an Instagram nut, and I'm not even sorry. One of my photos got 35 likes in 3 days, and I felt like a rockstar. 

So along with following my blog via GFC or Google+ (pretty please), you can follow me here:

YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/cheesestreet
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/xochloegordon

Thank you all so much for your comments, likes, and support this year. You have no idea how much you are appreciated and treasured!

xo Chloë
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