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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pondering the Warby Parker Mallory

The idea to get new glasses - or rather, a second, "back-up" pair - came to me rather suddenly and with quite a sense of urgency. Before Wednesday, it hadn't really occurred to me to get a second pair, especially since my prescription is the same and I'm not particularly clumsy or forgetful in terms of my specs. That's not to say I'm not clumsy and forgetful in general, because to be honest I think I'm much more of both than I'd really like to admit. However, since that fateful day when I was 15 - the day I got my first pair of glasses because I could not see the blackboard properly at school - I have neither misplaced nor broken a pair of glasses. This remains the case. Which means, my luck has to run out sometime, right?

So, after some online browsing and agonizing over whether this frame or that frame would actually look good on my face, I believe I've settled on a pair from Warby Parker. I had almost gone for a pair of Christian Dior frames from Clearly Contacts, but they are significantly more expensive than Warby Parker, and what can I say, I like to be thrifty (if you can call $120 "thrifty"). And there's something about these frames that just... speak to me. These are the Mallory.

Mallory - Blue Marblewood

Mallory - Gimlet Tortoise

It's kind of ironic that I'm most likely going with these, as I had never even heard of Warby Parker prior to early November, when one of their communications reps contacted me about doing a blog post on the launch of the Warby Parker x Leith Clark (whom I also had never heard of!) collection in December. Obviously I declined, as I was completely unfamiliar with them, but it got me looking on their website... and loving what I saw! What I love even more: the price! I know I questioned before whether $120, the cost of the frames AND the lenses, can be considered thrifty, but in the case of eyeglasses, the answer to that would be YES! I think I paid nearly $300 for my current pair of Ray-Bans, plus the cost of the eye exam. So, $120 is indeed a steal!

So the photos below are from the incredibly useful "try-on" tool, with which you can upload a photo of your beautiful face and essentially "try on" the frames. It was tough to find a photo of myself looking straight ahead, looking half-normal, and not already wearing glasses - so no laughing at these, please! I think I've settled on the Blue Marblewood, which is the frame shown in these pictures. I like the darker contrast against my skin. I feel like the Gimlet Tortoise is just too yellow and distracting for me. I'm going for a different look, but not that different. 

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of myself with my most recent hairstyle - full bangs - as the ones I tried to use kept getting rejected by the tool. I'm quite confident that my face won't be overwhelmed by both the bangs and the larger hipster-esque frames - it's a big enough face for the both of them! And in the case that bangs do not mesh, well... I'm not averse to growing out my bangs to suit my glasses. It's just hair after all! 

So, what's the hold up? I'm currently waiting on my most recent prescription to be mailed to me (yes, mailed!) from my optometrist. So once that arrives through the snail mail, it's on. On a side note, this is my first time even considering buying glasses online. I had no idea it would be this difficult and overwhelming! Obviously the low cost and convenience of not having to go get an eye exam outweigh this, but it's still stressful, as there is so much selection to sift through. 

I'd love to know what you think of my pick of frames! Obviously this is just a "ballpark" tool - they will not look exactly like this on my face in real life. From my research/Googling, it seems that the frames are slightly larger than they look here. I mean, heck, they look like two different sizes in both of these photos (check out where they end in relation to my nose in each pic!) so who even knows. All I do know is that I'm excited for some variety! I'll keep you all updated! 

xo Chloë

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