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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Birthday Detour

Today is my birthday. I'm not a big "birthday person" in my old age, but this year I had been planning to do a blog post about various birthday topics, including the Sephora birthday gift, my birthday face of the day, my birthday outfit... you get the picture. This was the plan. The plan did not include spending nearly 4 hours at the 24hr Emergency Animal Hospital with my Sadie. No, it certainly did not. But that's what the plan turned out to be. Happy birthday to me!

So, in an attempt to salvage at least part of the original plan, this is this year's birthday gift from Sephora! I remember one year I got totally ripped off for the gift... it was supposed to be something really cool (exactly what is currently escaping me) but instead I ended up with a crappy little Sephora brand makeup bag that isn't even big enough to hold anything useful. This happened because they had "run out" of the original gift. Seriously guys?! Are there that many October babies? Anyway, I digress. This year's effort is quite solid, although I have already tried Benefit's They're Real mascara and was underwhelmed. Mum has benefitted (get it? get it?) from this and is now the proud owner of the mascara, while I'm very very excited to try Watt's Up! If you're a fan of the mascara, then this is definitely one of Sephora's better birthday sets! While I was in-store to pick up my gift, I bought another item, which you'll be seeing here in the near future, that sent me over the edge to qualify for VIB Rouge. I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I've spent $1000 at Sephora this calendar year. Yikes. On the bright side, I now have free shipping on every online order, not just over $75 CDN. That's major. 

After finally getting home with my girl Sadie, I had only an hour and a half to relax/get ready for our dinner reservation/dote on Sadie/wash my face/do some of the chores I had planned for the day, so once again I failed to fulfil my original plan of maybe making a "birthday makeup!" video, or even a proper outfit of the day. I did manage to snap a quick pic of my dinner outfit on the way out the door, but sadly no face pictures of the makeup. It was very basic though, I assure you. As for the outfit, this was the maiden voyage of my new faux leather leggings (!!!!) from Zara. I'm so excited I found these, as they're half the price of the ones I had been eyeing at Aritzia. So along with those, I'm wearing new black booties from Target, a top from H&M, a blazer from Dynamite, and my trusty LV Speedy 30. Like I said, the makeup was basic - I used some MAC Vex, and some colours from a Kat Von D palette on the eyes, Burberry Peony blush on the cheeks, and a basic balm on my lips. All of this on top of my trusty MUFE HD foundation, of course :) 

So what was supposed to be a day all about me turned into a day all about this furry baby here. I'm okay with it, since she's on the mend and is in much better spirits. When she's okay, I'm okay! She's a bit grumpy as she now has to wear the cone of shame, since she can't stop nipping at her rear end (the scene of the... emergency), and she's a bit dozy from her painkillers and antibiotics, but I'm sure she'll forgive me once she realizes this is all to make her better as soon as possible! 

And a big thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Twitter and Instagram! Obviously my day wasn't how I had pictured it would be, but it wasn't a total write off... I'm sitting here in my bed right now with Sadie snoring at my feet, and I couldn't be happier :) 

xo Chloë


  1. Happy belated birthday, Chloe! Awww, poor Sadie. Hopefully she's feeling much better now. :) Such a cute doggy. Cute outfit too! The leather leggings look great. The free shipping on every Sephora order is absolutely major. Wow. Can't wait to see the unknown item you bought as well! Exciting. :)

    1. Thanks Kim! Sadie's definitely on the mend, she's back to her usual tricks (which isn't always the best, considering she's already figured out that I'm hiding her antibiotics in pieces of cheese!). I'm really loving the leggings so far, especially for the price I paid! I think if I end up loving the style I might splurge on the Aritzia ones, but only if it's true legging love! I've already placed a Sephora order because of the free shipping - I might never have to go to the store again!

  2. Happy belated birthday!! :D
    I am a new follower (found you on the blog hop!) :D

    1. Hi Ashesela! Thanks so much for following and the birthday wishes :D


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