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Monday, September 30, 2013

In Favour of Leather Leggings

... or rather, faux-leather leggings. Because I am. In favour of them, that is. This is a slightly confusing confession to make though, as I'm not quite sure how or why I'm suddenly very very into them. But one Sunday not too long ago, I was picking out my outfits for the Blogger Breakfast events at Target. I was trying to come up with a cool outfit involving my new Maje sweater (I'm obsessed, I know!), and a thought suddenly came to me: "This would be so fabulous with faux-leather leggings!" I stopped in my tracks the moment I thought it and brushed it off as a moment of weakness, or temporary insanity. But the thought kept coming back, stronger and stronger. Strong enough that I took to Polyvore, a site I haven't used in years, to create some outfits using the Daria Leggings from Aritzia (the ones I particularly have my eye on and update have purchased... see here!). Doing this only made my longing for these pants worse, as I easily came up with three fabulous outfits I could wear them with:

Faux leather leggings chic coat heels embellished top

Outfit #1: This is a "classy chic" way to wear faux-leather (or real leather, if sweating down your legs all day is your cup of joe... no judgements here...) while still having that slight badass edge. I love love love the coat, and the oxblood colour gives a great dimension to the otherwise black and white look. Meanwhile, the embellishment on the top keeps the outfit looking special, even when the coat is taken off. So many things I love going on in this outfit!

Faux leather leggings wedge sneakers sporty

Outfit #2: Obviously this is a more casual way to wear the leggings, with a fun slogan tee and wedge sneakers (that I already have!). The faux-leather leggings keep it from being "too" casual, as they add a little something extra that regular cotton leggings don't have. So perhaps we can call this one "sporty-chic"? I think the Phillip Lim bucket bag alone brings the "chic" to that title! 

faux leather leggings moto boots animal sweater

Outfit #3: This one is a more "cool chic" outfit. Notice how I'm describing all of these with adjective+chic? It's the pants, I swear. They help transition the first adjective into being chic as well. They might be magical. Anyway, I love this one, as it has a preppier sweater on top, while keeping it pretty badass on the bottom with the leggings and moto boots. And red lipstick. And cat-eye sunnies. 

Now, I have yet to actually buy a pair of these leggings. I'd like to try a few of the pairs Aritzia has to offer, especially the Daria leggings, but they cost a bit more money than I have available in my clothing budget at the moment. Also, I really need to try them on in-store, and I haven't really been in the "Mall Mood" lately. So, once I have a spare $135 to spend, it just might be on faux-leather leggings... I can't believe I just wrote that. 

xo Chloë

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First Ever Baby Shower + Gift Ideas!

This past weekend I went to my first ever baby shower, and I have to admit I went a bit crazy with the gifts. Granted, I am going to be related to this baby, and it's the first baby on this side of the family since me, so I suppose my excitement is warranted. Ever since we found out about the baby, I've developed another shopping sense: the baby boy shopping sense. So, when I came across a handmade Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt at a craft fair this summer, well, I couldn't leave without it. And of course, the next logical step was to purchase a brand new copy of the classic Eric Carle book. As you can now see, I'm all about themes when it comes to gift shopping, especially baby gift shopping!  

The rest of my gifts (yes, there are more!) didn't quite fit in with the caterpillar theme, but I guess not everything can have a hungry caterpillar on it... Oh well :) I had really wanted to get a baby sling, so I took to Etsy. I was surprised to find a wide variety of slings on there, and a lot of price ranges! I didn't think spending an arm and a leg on a simple ring-style sling was too prudent, since at the base it's still a piece of cotton. My main issues turned out to be finding a store with good enough feedback, and finding a colour/pattern that I thought my cousin and his wife would both like and be able to wear. 

I ended up finding what I think is the perfect baby sling - a slate grey ring sling from an Etsy shop called RaspberryBaby, for only $40. The shipping was a bit slow, but I think this may have been because the slings are made to order. So I won't hold that against them :) The sling came really nicely packaged, with an information sheet including care instructions and how to use the sling, something I imagine would be very useful, especially to first-time parents who have never used a baby sling before!  As I didn't want to take the sling out of the packaging, I didn't get a chance to get a good photo of it. But if you're curious about what a baby sling is, or how it works, the Etsy shop I linked to above has loads of photos! 

The final little bit I found are these football legwarmers. How adorable are these? My cousin is a big New York Jets fan (ew) so I feel like football will be a running theme with our new little boy. I can just imagine these legwarmers on chubby little baby legs. I'm already grinning at the thought of it! And those chubby little football legs under a little baby sized football jersey?! I can't wait! I have a feeling I'll be needing to learn some restraint when it comes to shopping for this baby, though. Or else I might end up in the Poor House - and not from shopping for myself. Who'd have thought?! 

xo Chloë

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Target Grand Opening + Phillip Lim for Target!

This post is a day later than planned, but honestly I had to recover and recompose myself after the absolute insanity that took place yesterday at the Target Billings Bridge grand opening. That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy myself and have a good time, because I did. I got to hang out with some really cool people, and I got most of what I had wanted to get from the Phillip Lim collection, so overall it was a really great experience! It was just overwhelming how crazy the rush for the collection was! We technically weren't allowed to take photos inside the store on opening day, so these are all from the blogger tour on Monday... and how I would like to remember the collection's display. I'm trying to erase the image of clothing strewn all over the floor and nine empty handbag racks from my mind. Ugh. 

The moments immediately following the opening of the doors are a blur of running fast, getting elbowed in the kidney, and a crazy feeding frenzy. Unfortunately we were behind some hardcore shelf-clearers/resellers in the lineup, so by the time we had gotten through the door the blitz at the Phillip Lim handbag rack had already begun... so I ran. I ran, and somehow ended up with four bags on my arms. It was truly a miracle. I didn't keep all four, because a few of us bloggers had made our "wants" known beforehand, and I had ended up with a bag another blogger (who hadn't been able to grab anything!) wanted. So, obviously, I gave it to her :)

But it was also very disappointing to see the greed and selfishness displayed by the shelf-clearers. They took about 2/3 of the bags, leaving the rack completely empty. I admit I lost my cool a bit and yelled at one of them, a young woman with at least 10 bags loaded into her arms. She didn't seem to care that there were many disappointed people standing and staring rather dejectedly at the empty racks... I realize that this might sound a bit ridiculous coming from someone who ended up with multiple bags (from 2 different stores, mind you), but I would have been 100% in favour of a reasonable limit on how many you could purchase. I have no problem at all with people getting multiple bags (obviously), especially if they're in different styles and colours. But clearing the entire rack of the black mini pashlis or the yellow medium satchels? Not so cool. I'll end my rant there, as I'm sure this happened at a lot of locations and you don't need me to remind you of it. It was just so deflating. 

After the rush had calmed, the store didn't seem very busy, which was a relief to me! There were definitely people there, but they had so many cashiers open and the aisles are so wide that it didn't seem crazy busy. It gave me a chance to look around some more and come down from the hysteria of the "scrum". I scoped out the cosmetics aisle (specifically Sonia Kashuk!!) and poked around in the shoes, where I found a fab pair of leopard print pumps for only $30! After a while I ventured back to the scene of the fashion apocalypse, only to see latecomers staring confusedly at the empty racks. I offered up my version of events as an explanation for the scene in front of us, and when asked how I had managed to end up with three bags, I could only say that I "ran fast". Because other than that, I really don't know! I also chatted with some of the store employees, who were absolutely horrified by what had happened. One told me that they had tossed an idea around about having a limit on how many bags a person could purchase, but it never came to fruition because they just didn't think something this crazy would happen. I was told that they may be getting more in their next shipment, so if you missed out on the bags you may not be out of luck just yet :) 

Waiting in line with some other bloggers!

Sadie, and my final haul!

Overall I'm thrilled that Target is finally here - it was just very unfortunate that the grand opening and the launch of Phillip Lim for Target were happening on the same day, as it sure brought out a whole lot of crazy. Aside from that hiccup, the store was just as wonderful as I had expected and hoped it would be. They've really done their market research and used the data they gathered from the first wave of openings to make this wave even better. The staff were all very friendly and helpful, and I can't wait to go back! I have a feeling I'm going to be quite the regular there... ;) 

xo Chloë

P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, we were gifted a $50 Target gift card at the blogger event. This went towards my haul, as seen above, and was greatly appreciated! But this in no way affects how thrilled I am that Target is finally here. I have always loved Target. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Finally, Target is Here! A Preview of Ottawa's Newest Store

Today I attended my very first blogger event (does this make me a bonafide blogger now?), the blogger preview tour for the new Target store opening at Billings Bridge in Ottawa. The store officially opens Sept. 17 (Psssst! That's tomorrow!). I've been waiting for this day for years - Target is one of my first destinations every time I'm in the U.S. I'd even venture to call myself a Target Aficionado. It's that serious. So needless to say, this is major. 

Myself and nearly 20 other bloggers descended upon the Target store, eagerly asking questions of the Target Canada Spokesperson Lisa Gibson and taking photos of everything and anything. It was really a wonderful experience, and a great opportunity to meet other bloggers - fashion, beauty, and otherwise. 

The bright and inviting cosmetics aisle was a popular photo-op for us bloggers. They really do make this aisle pretty, don't they? Gibson says that the allure of this aisle is no fluke - the innovation known as "backlit fixtures" are a feature in the U.S stores brought purposely to Canada because they "bring out a lot of the pops of colours, and make a really nice environment to shop in". I couldn't agree more! As for new products, both the Sonia Kashuk and Pixi brands have made their way to Canada and - this is the best part- are at a price that's on par with the U.S. 

The Billings Bridge location also boasts a large and well-stocked (except for fresh produce and meat, of course) grocery area. I was particularly distracted by the enormous display of cupcakes. Maybe the fact that it was almost lunch time had something to do with that :) Below is a fun Halloween display, offering up some rather interesting headgear for those of us who go big on Halloween. Who knows, I might just snag one of these!

As I'm sure was the case for most of the bloggers there, the Phillip Lim for Target collection was the highlight of the tour for me. There were a lot of oohs and aahs and careful plotting of shopping strategies, as the collection launches at the same time as the store opens for the first time, guaranteeing an extra flurry of insanity - or, rather, Lim-sanity. I'd really love to get one (or two...) of the mini-Pashli satchels, but the selection was small and I'm quite certain a few other of the bloggers had their eye on them too. We'll be thrown to the wolves tomorrow morning after our Blogger Breakfast, so keep your fingers crossed for me. 

I wasn't too wowed by the selection of the clothing items in the collection, especially since some pieces are online-only - and Canada doesn't have online shopping yet. I asked Lisa Gibson about that, and she said that Target really wanted to get the brick-and-mortar store launches right in Canada first, but that it's definitely in the plan. So it's not a matter of if we're going to get online shopping, but rather "a matter of when". 

So, that was my day today! And yes, I have a lot more photos and coverage of the Phillip Lim collection to share with you, but I'll be saving that insanity for tomorrow's post. Hopefully I'll be successful in my shopping - wish me luck! 

xo Chloë


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Simple Studs and an Etsy Intervention

This whole Etsy thing is starting to become a problem. I might need an intervention. So much pretty, so little time. And money. So, so, so little money. I had been so good lately about not ordering things online, but then I cracked. I ordered some pieces, earrings this time, from my favourite Etsy seller, LittleGlamour. I was going through my jewelry chest and realized that while I have hoards of dangly, hoopy, and crazy earrings, I don't have any nice, simple studs. So... I ordered some. Problem solved!

Also, because I have no self control and am easily distracted by shiny things, I got both the silver and rose gold versions of the 8mm ball earrings. Aren't they beautiful? The style comes in a few different sizes, but I'm very very happy with the 8mm. I wouldn't want them any bigger or any smaller, so I'd say these are perfect :) They go with absolutely everything and are a great alternative to my usual silver hoops. I'm all for a bit of jewelry-diversity! 

These are definitely some of "those" pieces that I'll have forever and will always be current, so even though I was a bit bad to break my Etsy no-buy, I think these were an excellent purchase! You'll be seeing me in these a lot this fall and winter... heck, even next spring and summer too!

ShopLittle Glamour 

Silver Ball Earringshttp://etsy.me/14PlW14

Rose Gold Ball Earringshttp://etsy.me/18XKLsQ (these are the 6mm ones, as the 8mm ones are currently sold out!)

xo Chloë

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