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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Lens, New Problems

This is more of a "test post", but I hope you'll read and enjoy anyway :) And for all you photography enthusiasts out there, I'm sure you'll find something of interest. So here's the deal: I've finally outgrown my Nikon kit lens. Actually, I think this occurred quite a while ago. However I was unsure how to remedy this... then I came across the AF-S 50mm f1.4G. What a beauty... and what a steep learning curve! This lens is so different from anything I've used before, and it's wonderful and so frustrating! I've learned so much about my year-old Nikon D5100 in the past few days, just from playing around with my new lens.

 The first thing I learned is that it takes beautiful photos. I'd been shooting on the Aperture Priority setting a lot pre-lens, so moving on to this lens was kind of the natural progression of that... and now that I can shoot at f/1.4, well, this is a whole new world. The subjects glow. The bokeh is beautiful. However, since it's a fixed 50mm lens, there's no zooming in or out. Makes it a bit difficult for this beauty and fashion blogger to take selfies. I already rely on the self-timer to take most of my shots, but in order to get a full face shot with this lens I need to be at least 3 feet away from the camera. Focusing is even more of a problem than before (and don't even get me started on continuous auto-focus!).

Here are a few test shots from my experimentation with the self-timer. I think they turned out okay, but I definitely need to practice more (or buy a remote. Whichever). I also need to run faster (hello, self-timer countdown!). Good thing I can get my mum to take outfit shots every once in a while, or else I think I would drive myself crazy using the tripod and timer all the time. 

So I won't be filming my YouTube videos with this lens I don't think. If I get back into tutorials I think it could work for the close-ups... but for straight-up talking, I'd have to be almost in another room to fit into the frame ;) But that's quite alright, as I bought it for actual photography. If it had worked for my videos, that would have just been a bonus :) 

I've already taken some great shots of my family and my dog, but I'm looking forward to a big party where I can really test this lens out on a variety of faces and lighting situations. I've also taken some great shots of flowers in the garden with this, so hello versatility! 

I got this lens at Henry's, and I highly recommend them. Wonderful customer service from very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Can't rave about them enough :)

xx Chloë


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  1. I bought a remote for my Canon on Ebay for maybe 5$ and it was the best purchase ever. No joke. It works like a dream and it's made my life for filming and taking pictures a lot easier.

    Dejhana | Waite A Little


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