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Monday, August 19, 2013

Impulse Buy of the Week: Marc Jacobs Beauty Petra Nail Polish

I hadn't intended to give in to the hype surrounding the launch of Marc Jacobs Beauty, but while returning another product to Sephora I had a little stroll by the new display and I was sucked right in. I had looked online at the products and I knew that I wanted to try the nail polish, particularly the shade Baby Jane, as it fits with my "weird-greige" obsession. Sadly it was sold out in-store, but another, very different, shade caught my eye. Petra. Oh, Petra.

Sephora calls is a "dirty bronze metallic shimmer". I'd add a hint of purple/plum in there, as you can see from the photos. It's crazy metallic, but applies so smoothly with no pooling or streaking. It was nearly opaque in one coat (!!!!) but I applied two out of habit. I could have gotten away with one though! It's pretty much perfect in terms of application. To be completely honest, it gave me that giddy feeling Chanel Graphite does every time I wear it. I'm taking that as a very good sign.

The packaging is also very cool and sleek. The big lid comes off to reveal a more user-friendly brush top, so not to worry! As for wear time, I had my first chip on day 4, with zero tip wear before then. Keep in mind that I'm in the middle of tearing apart my room and putting it back together again... this stuff survived carrying and opening boxes, lifting furniture, cleaning, etc. Aside from not being able to fully withstand manual labour, I only have one (okay, two, if you count the price at $22 CDN) more quibble with this, and that it's not quite as "high-shine" as it says it is. I still found myself reaching for my Revlon top-coat to amp up the shine.

So overall this was quite a successful impulse buy, and I'm not even that disappointed anymore that they didn't have Baby Jane in stock. Yay for impulsive shopping! At the same time I also picked up one of the "gel" eyeliners in Blacquer, but I have yet to try it so I can't offer any opinion for that "impulse" quite yet :) This pencil is offered as one of this month's 100 point perks, so hopefully it's worth the full price I paid for it... argh...

On a related note, another of Sephora's 100 point perks this month is Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday polish, as Sephora will soon be carrying the line. This is so very dangerous for me, as I'm quite a fan and there are a whole lot of polishes in the range that I am currently coveting. I need to resist the temptation. I can do it!

xx Chloe


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