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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Un-Scandalous Crop Top and New Hair (ish)

Oh hello... 

After a few weeks in the wilderness/cottage, I'm back to blogging and such. While roughing it (only one bathroom - on a septic system! Oh the humanity!) I still managed to wear some semi-fashionable clothing... except for when it got up above 30C, then it was basically a bikini and cutoffs. Anyway, I went and got my hair done and went for a little bit of ombre. Sadly it didn't really take the first go around, which is shown here, so I had to go back and fry my hair some more, but I really like the final result and you will be seeing it soon!

This is the first attempt. I could have just stuck with this, as it's very subtle, and I'm a subtle kind of gal, but I'm going through this phase where I'm trying to be more... exciting/spontaneous/outgoing so I though why the heck not, let's do this. 

 All the girls at the hair salon were loving my outfit (as was I, of course) and were mildly scandalized, but mostly impressed, by my daring to wear a crop top. I hardly think this is scandalous, given the high waist of the skirt, but I kind of liked the "OMG" reaction ;) I really like this crop top, but I find the bottom hem has loosened, making it look a bit odd from some angles. I'm working up the nerve to try those really tight tank crops from American Apparel - they look right up my alley! 

I'm also really loving this skirt I got last summer at H&M... I feel like this style will be "in" for quite a while, and I'm very okay with it. A maxi skirt that doesn't make me look like I'm drowning, and still lets me be a bit lazy in the leg-shaving department? Yes. Yes. Yes.  

The purpose of this delightful shot is to show my nail polish, which is Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe. I love the colour but it chips really quickly on me. I just got a new nail polish from ArtDeco, which has popped up at some Shoppers Drug Marts in Canada, so I'll let you know how that one goes. 


Crop Top - American Apparel Baby Rib Crop
Skirt - H&M (last season)
Sandals - Sam Edelman Gigi (at least last season... purchased last year at Winners for $50!)
Watch - Michael Kors
Sunglasses - Chloe
Necklace - Etsy (Maldemer)

Good to see you all again!

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