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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cheerio! Bonjour! Guten Tag!

Yours truly on the London Eye!

Hello my friends! Obviously I've been away (if you hadn't been able to tell by my lack of posting everywhere except twitter) (because I'm usually SO consistent with my blogging and Youtubing, right? Right? Right?).

I was in Europe for just over 2 weeks, so I'm still recovering from the jet lag (6 hours is tough to get back!). My skin is also punishing me for a variety of offences, including, but not limited to: UD Naked Skin foundation (sadface), not having a good mirror for the past 2 weeks (blackheads yuck), forgetting my St. Ives scrub at home, maybe sometimes forgetting to take off my makeup, not sleeping at all, etc.

So needless to say I'm a bit stressed out and would much rather still be in Europe. But OH WELL!

I will hopefully start working on my Europe vlog this weekend. I have 2 weeks worth of video clips to go through, so it might take me a while. I ask for patience, please! I will probably be back to blogging before I'm back to Youtubing, so keep checking back here. I did some European makeup shopping (obviously) so I have lots to show you and blog about!

Talk to you all very soon!



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush

Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush -- $26.00 CDN at Sephora

I realize that this brush was made with the Naked Skin foundation in mind, and I can hear you already wondering why I'm not reviewing them together.

The simple answer is that I think this brush is excellent as a standalone product. I (finally) received it on Friday, and have been using it every day to apply my foundation, be it Naked Skin (which is starting to break me out boooooo) or my trusty MUFE Face & Body.

What I really like about this brush is how dense and firm the bristles are, while still being incredibly soft. The design makes it so easy to buff foundation into the skin without any streaking, since the bristles can't move around very much. I had been using (and still really like!) the Sephora Airbrush #55 brush, but it's a lot floppier and requires more work to get a "flawless" finish. A commenter of my YouTube channel pointed out that this brush looks a lot like the Sephora Mineral Powder Brush #45, which it certainly does! But... this UD brush is $8 cheaper!

Something to note is that because of how dense the bristles are, it will pick up a lot of product if you're not careful. The first time I used it I had so much foundation on my cheek and had to blend blend blend so that I didn't look like a pancake. I've learned, though. Now I am an expert in the art of the Optical Blurring brush... no pancakes for me (unless they're the edible kind!)

final thoughts

  • Urban Decay does NOT test on animals, and this brush is completely vegan.
  • I really like how aesthetically pleasing it is. It has a lovely pewter-coloured handle and a lovely shape.
  • For under $30 cdn, it's a steal! 
  • Works beautifully with any liquid foundation, not just Naked Skin. 

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