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Monday, June 27, 2011

Bourjois Rose Lounge Nail Polish

This is my nail of the day (or week!), Bourjois' Rose Lounge nail polish... all in celebration of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (or Will and Kate haha) and their Royal Visit to Canada! I'll be going to the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill, and hopefully I'll catch a glimpse of them! I am definitely a "Royal Watcher", but that sounds a bit creepy... so I'll say "Royal Enthusiast"!

(FYI, Kate wore this polish mixed with Essie's Allure on her wedding day!)

Bourjois Rose Lounge nail polish swatch and quick review!

This nail polish, or all sheer light pink polishes really, is a little bit difficult to apply at first. It definitely requires a little practice to make it look even! And if you're like me, and totally terrible at painting with your non-dominant hand, it takes a little more time as well :) But I think I've gotten the hang of this, thank goodness!

I purchased this at Shoppers, and shelled out $10 for it... I think my most expensive nail polish to date. This purchase marked the beginning of my summer nail polish no-buy, so I guess I'd better enjoy it, eh!?

xox Chloe

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